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  1. Fish WIP

    I agree, thats a real great piece of work. Did you add some sort of bump/displacement to the rock objects or are they flat objects? The render and compositing is excellent.
  2. particles basic tutorials

    Hi guys, Like Ezz said, 3d buzz's tornado tutorial is very good. Also if you're willing to part with some cash their technical effects dvd is awesome. There's a tutorial in which Peter Claes creates 3d volumetric smoke which is then copied onto particles which you might find useful. Miguel Perez has a good tutorial for smoke trails using sprites although it is for Houdini 8. Cheers D
  3. mapping vector blur

    Hi Aearon, thanks for you help on this. I'll take a look at your file and see what i can learn from your tips. Thanks again
  4. New Digital-tutors DVD -Intro to Mantra!!!!

    Nice one. This is just what i needed.
  5. mapping vector blur

  6. Effects Animation Reel (2007-2008)

    There's some real quality work on there. In the Mercedes advert is the enviroment totally cg or is there some filmed elements in there? Just out of interest, what was the size of the team of the people worked on this and the Nescafe project?
  7. mapping vector blur

    Hi guys, I'm working on some trail effects and am just wondering if any one would like to share how I can map vector blur using a gradient to effect my particle/geometry. Peter Claes talks about it in the 3d buzz technical effects dvd and Aearon has used it in his invasion project, I know that its using the point sop to add the velocity attribute but then i'm drawing a blank! Any help would be much appreciated Thanks trail_blur.hip
  8. Maelstrom

    Pure genius, that looks awesome man. Thanks for the hip file also, I'll have a look at that tonight .
  9. Houdini master classes

    Ha ha, as the great Life of Brian said...'always look on the bright side of life'. If you lived in the Uk and had our naff weather then you'd have to! Yorkshire rain is the best though
  10. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows if Side Effects plan to record their free master classes for us that don't live in Toronto? There
  11. Invasion Project

    Thats sweet, Aearon. I'd be interested to know how you did the trails for the ships, they have a real nice organic motion and shape
  12. add polygon question

    Guys thats awesome, thanks for both your suggestions. Cpb that hip file is going to be perfect for what i need to acheive, bravo!
  13. Hi guys, I polygon_scene.hip
  14. Really Overwhelmed

    I must admit, i have come from quite a few years of using xsi and maya and sometimes find myself hitting a brick wall with houdini. This is where i sometimes rely on the knowledge of odforce users, so cheers guys! I have more or less every single tutorial and old school blog from the side effects website and they have helped me out a lot.
  15. follow path question

    Thats even better. Cheers Anim