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  1. How to stop evaluating DOP permanently.

    can you share the hip file?
  2. Reversing an RBD sim + secondary Sim

    can you share video of that?
  3. How to cache a really heavy flip sim ?

    Is it working? If yes please let me know
  4. pscale

    @pscale=@nage*0.1; i want exact opposite of this. particles should start big and according to there age they should be disappear.
  5. Anti-Aliased Noise

    please check the geometry spreadsheet ones. the al noise require position to apply noise on the grid. if you apply a noise on grid without giving a position it will apply on each point randomly check the spreadsheet of the sampan one. in sample 2 you are adding position to to the noise then its giving you the fine result
  6. Group particles with maximum age

    can you share the hip file
  7. where I can find the list of global attributes in houdini like pscale animated etc etc .