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  1. skinning

    mmm, havnt tried pointclouds or researched the topic to much. may try that next. if anyone knows any misc info, awsome. thanks again
  2. skinning

    thanks that helped clean up my curves, also totally missused skin sop, its working like a charm now. will post mountain range in time or post in-progress shots. thanks again, will visit houdini-land more often, chris
  3. skinning

    good to be back, ok, i am missing something here, something simple. i started a new file, created a curve, used add sop, then used two transform sop creatd two sets of points. now having two sets of exact curve points, i used skin sop. i get a mess of curves. what settimg am i missing or basic modeling knowlegde am i forgetting? thanks, chris
  4. skinning

    hey everyone, always appreciate the help i get from here. very simple question, havnt been on houdini in while,got stuck in maya. I need to create a mountain range. I have the actual mountain contours in 5 foot intervals in a CAD(dxf) file. I am looking to import these into houdini,convert to points,group and create a new curve from the points for each contour. How do i skin two curves to create a surface. much appreciated, chris
  5. Alpha Channel

    Quick question, I have animated geometry that I saved with alpha channel information. To see the alpha channel I thought I needed to append a shader that has a alpha channel in it. But, I just noticed that I do not actually need to append the shader, but just have one created in SHOPS(vex supermaterial) to see the alpha channel when rendering. Is this a glich or is this how it works? Trying to learn how houdini thinks.... Thanks, Christopher
  6. Particle Birth

    another way that may solve this problem is to use a lookup function, 1-100. So that at particle birth it starts at 1. I'm testing the use of chops. If anyone is familiar with lookup uses, all ideas are appreciated. chris problem solved, set lookup in Color POP to $LIFE, and set color values as 1-100, and set life expectancy to 100 frames. Finally referencing this point information as my value in File SOP.
  7. Particle Birth

    I have 100 frame of animation(bgeo files). Looking to copy this to particles. Just trying to figure out how to get the File SOP to start frame 1 of sequence at birth. Using the copy stamp inputs to obtain per particle information. D:/test/ring.`param("birth",1)`.bgeo, where "birth" could be needed expression. I can get the particle birth frame by $F-(int($LIFE*30)), may not need this? just trying to figure out how to use it correctly.. any ideas, christopher
  8. save geometry to disk

    gobble gobble
  9. save geometry to disk

    thanks, going thru the textport will work. right clicking is only for one frame, but there is probably a way to enter en expression. may try that later. happy T-day, christopher
  10. save geometry to disk

    quick question, how can I save to disk geometry animation in the apprentice version. It does not have the geometry output in ROPs. is there another way? thanks, christopher
  11. Metaballs as Particle Instances

    hello, dont know if youve solved what your looking for, but hope this helps. once you check the stamp inputs in the copy sop, you can create varibles and name them. here i just created a random function rand($PT) to randomize particles. In the transorm sop of your objects, apply this varible in the uniform scale by using the param() function. hope this helps chris
  12. vex shading

    thanks for the input everyone. is their a way to see my color values in the spreadsheet when using a shader? christopher
  13. plz, need some help with expressions

    not exactly sure what you are trying to acheive, are you trying to get the steering to look correct. If that is it, you may try use set the normals of the path to face their correct tangents and rotate the tires based on the curves normals directions. If this sounds like what you are looking for, ill try to go further on it. christopher
  14. vex shading

    i dont know whats going on, the reason i normailzed it is because later i need to extract the angle it produces. ill post the file later, does anyone know if the value the dot produces is in rad or degrees? the acos VOP has rad for input.. thanks, christopher.
  15. vex shading

    if im taking the dot product of the following vectors (1,0,0) (1,1,0), shouldnt' it produce a value of .707. I want this as the diffuse value. It shows to work in the Shop viewer but does not appear to show on geometry.