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  1. Hi everyone, I am attempting to add debris to my flameTrail which also has some fire on its back when falling away. I am successful in adding the flame at the back of the debris, however the effect has become chaotic because the flames do not just stick to the debris, but also sprout areas where the debris has been in the previous frames. I have included an mov and curated hip file. Please take a look and help in any way you can. flameTrail_fx_odforce_v041.hipnc flameTrail_fx_v041.mov flameTrail_fx_backView_v041.mov fighter_modlLayt_Publish.obj
  2. Hi everyone, I require some help on this effect, and getting it to match my reference. (1:42), (2:50) In the reference, the smoke is travelling quite far away from the cannon at rapid velocity. However, I cannot produce a similar smoke shooting out of the cannon with my current setup. I had started out with v015 with minimal vel in my scene and pumped it up by a lot in v021, only to create awkward looking mushroom shapes. So, I am not sure how to approach this smoke (maybe separate the flames and smoke, then do the smoke with POPs and turning it into volume). Furthermore, I cannot get my flames to cool down fast enough (2 to 5 frames). I tried using the cooling rate parameter on pyro solver and the gas dissipate node to accelerate the cooling of the flames but its still not fast enough. There are also some white chunks of flames remaining at the end of the cool down, when they should have been the first to disappear. Below, I have attached my simplified hip file and 2 flipbooks. Please help, thank you! cannonFire_fx_odforce_v021.mov cannonFire_fx_v015.mov cannonFire_fx_odforce_v021.hipnc old_warship_cannon_fire.mp4