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  1. Offsetting Animation in VEX

    Hey there Od Force community - I posted this on the Houdini forum as well, apologies for the double post, very curious about how to solve this! First post here, I have appreciated all the help I have gotten from this forum while learning Houdini. I am easing my way into VEX and am running into a wall with this seemingly simple task. I am using curves to create Sweeps, I then use a Carve to animate the sweeps based on frame range. My trouble is that I would like to have each Carve animate as follows: 1. Each Carve “Second V” pick a random frame between 1 - 40 to start 2. “Second V” Animate from 0 - 1 over a period of time (Random time length from 10 - 50 frames) 3. Have First V follow behind Resulting in randomly animated carves or sweeps. If there is a way to do this with CHOPS or any other technique I would love to find out. In the example attached I have set up a partial scene. Ideally, this method above would be applied to thousands of strokes with varying lengths! Any VEX help would killer - really trying to get through this learning curve! -Patrick sweep_vex2.hiplc