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  1. Hi Khaled, The attribute you're looking for is width, it can control the render of a curve. You won't need to "skin" or make geo out of the curves in this instance if you're rendering with mantra. So simplest way is in an attribute wrangle directly after the "add1" run over Primitives something like - @width = fit01(rand(@primnum), 0.1, 0.5); Then you can simply render them as curves, they will be flat (not round) but for most spark type fx i've found this to do the job
  2. Hmmm bit of a tricky one, my first thought was "do they actually need to be simmed particles?" If not then you can use a whole bunch of easy sops tricks to deal with this. As always that talented trouble maker Matt Estela has a wiki page on exactly this http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini#Slide_points_along_edges You could easily add to and expand these setups to give you those nice shapes by adding in some noises for variations in P along length and speed etc. Might not be the completely ideal situation being out of Dop land but could give you some ideas to try, and can be used nice and quickly in sops. I've used this technique in the past whilst using a basic popnet to birth the points so I have easy access to things like id, age\life. Using this setup ("static" popnet plugged into a few vops) should give you a whole bunch of control. Some other dops-ey thoughts were about randomly assigning particles to groups (modulus id's limited to some parameter for no. of groups) and assigning those groups to primnumbers perhaps. Cheers.
  3. Object falling on water surface

    Ahhhh sorry I led you down the wrong path!! I was assuming your dopnet was inside a geo object What Ryan has posted is the best way of importing it, for future reference when you put a dopnet down inside an existing object this is what I was talking about -
  4. Object falling on water surface

    No worries, $OS will give you the name of the current node, so it will name your sequence the name of the rop_output_driver you're using (this is super helpful! Also always name your nodes ) .sc is the extension to use for compressing your bgeo files. So myfile.bgeo is uncompressed myfile.bgeo.sc will be compressed. (Also super helpful for your hard drive) Now for caching out, when you have a dopnetwork by default it will "import" all objects from the sim back into sops, if you select your dopnet and under "Object Merge -> Object" by default this will be set to *, ie; import all objects. So where it currently says * type in the name of your object from inside the sim, probably something like "rbdobject1" and that will only import that object back to sops. The other drip\rain setup looks like it should be doing what you want, although appears to be introducing some more advanced concepts. It can certainly be adapted to the dops based particle system as most of the work is being done in the vopnet. What I would do is to get it going on a static object first so that you understand the processes before attempting to apply it to 1; a deforming object, 2; a fracturing object. Each of those will add new levels of complexity Cheers, Dave
  5. Object falling on water surface

    Hi Bernardo welcome! Never worry about asking questions we've all been new starters before 1; You're looking for the "rop output driver" sop to put after your dopimport, this will allow you to cache your sim to disk as a sequence of .bgeo files. Call it something like - /mydirectory/mysimname.$F4.bgeo Then use a "file" sop to read that sequence back in. Generally you'll want to do a cache just after your sim, then do your surfacing, before caching again. This allows you to tweak the surfacing easily whilst reading the sim from disk. 2; There are (and you're going to hear this a lot in houdini) a few ways to do this, probably easiest to start with is to use the "scale time" parameter on your dopnet so select your dopnetwork -> simulation -> scale time. You can also run it at real time and cache out substeps to be retimed after the sim itself (timeshift node!), useful for doing time ramping effects. 3; Have a look into the scatter sop -> vdb from points -> convert vdb. Playing around with the "pscale" attribute on your points will allow you to change the look of the effect. Hope this helps and good luck! Dave.
  6. rest field in pyro and starting frame

    Hi Claire, Try putting ch("../startframe") in the Frame Offset parameter on the pyrosolver. (under -> advanced -> rest field) Seems to do the trick in this case. I wouldn't have thought this was required but does seem to do the job. Cheers, Dave
  7. Point Cache In Dops

    Hi James, Make sure you set your "Time" parameter on your sopgeo from "Use Default" To "Set always" By default it will be set to "Set Initial" which is why you're just getting the first frame. Cheers, Dave
  8. Cloth + RBD Interaction - Is it possible?

    Hey Alvaro, As far as the cloth feedback goes have you looked into the grain solver that was introduced in H14? Using it in sheet mode will allow you to get the interaction you're looking for. When you merge your RBD object just make sure you set the "merge" dop Affector Relationship to "mutual". The flips setup is definitely doable but it is a little fiddly (as you've discovered), the things to look out for are to make sure your scene scale is set appropriately, the mass of the object and density of the flip is set correctly, and that you're doing enough substeps (at least 2). Hope this helps! Cheers.
  9. How was this done - bubbling surface

    Hi Roarke, This video might give you some ideas about simming (if it's full blown fluids you're after) - Outside of that you could probably get away with something much simpler based on increasing the pscale attribute up to a limit for points scattered on the surface or over life for particles birthed. In terms of surfacing a good place to start is the VDB based fluid surfacing workflow that is put down by default if you create a fluid sim from the shelf, consider it a starting point and run with it from there, have a play around with the settings and learn what changes what. Anyway hope these things give you a push in the right direction, Cheers.
  10. Cloth Sim Speed

    In addition to what marty mentioned about FEM in H15 (my goodness FEM is so much faster in 15!!) the other cloth workflow in H14 is the grain solver with creation method set to "sheet". You can get extremely fast and easy to control results with this solver, i'd recommend looking into as a possible solution. Cheers.
  11. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    oh there was another one, L for selecting edge loops? No? edit\addition: OK!!! So some of the major issues i was having with selection last week resolved... ctrl+shift to add to selection is now swapped around with shift to replace selection for... some reason. Fair enough, shift is less keys for something you'll be doing more often. Just have to retrain years worth of muscle memory.
  12. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Just evil enough!! Yeah that doesn't sound fun though, I had assumed that this was added because some people must have asked for it, but 30GB files?? Now that REALLY doesn't sound fun! I guess i've always dealt with this how you said, caching out anything even remotely as heavy as that, using timeshifts for light stuff, and node locking for in betweens and special cases. Obviously can't please everyone but I still vote for pleasing me! Or at the very least for giving me the option to please myself.
  13. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Thanks everyone for your replies, particularly the select connected replies. So I guess no 5 was just a conglomeration of connected faces, selection of visible components, and the attributes. It was an extremely frustrating week because of these things, and whilst I knew there'd be a hit when jumping to a new version the changes just seemed to be a bit arbitrary. Didn't help that, as I said, my help file browser wasn't giving me all the pages I needed; particularly viewport visualisers, i'm sure there's easy solutions but I couldn't find them under "get shot to client now" pressure. So I guess just more workflow rather than bugs? The viewport sticking one is a bug and I have reported it, over a year ago from memory, so telepathy shouldn't be required. I always just assumed it was put on low priority for whatever reason but having now seen it at another company if it pops up again in the prod release i'll send in another bug report. The node lock one, unfortunately I can't agree with you there, that has been more frustrating than any accidental unlocks. And having the option to leave the "Are you sure you want to unlock" dialogue box has worked perfectly for years. I can see where you're coming from but really request you return the old functionality, even just as a user preference. As I said at the start of my first post the list was going to sound overly negative because I was just listing the issues i'd had, not mentioning all the cool stuff that's been added. There's a huge amount to like in the new release and as always getting a new version of houdini is super exciting, and the work sidefx does is always leaps and bounds ahead of any other company in the cg space. Cheers.
  14. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    Ah bugger, figured they must have fixed it over that time. Now that I think about it hasn't popped up since switching to the prod release, or at least nowhere near as often, so fingers crossed. The "select connected geometry" one is doing my head in though, so it looks like it's now become Select Whole Geometry which ignores 3d connectivity (so if you've got two objects plugged into a merge it selects both) and there is no hotkey for it. Hitting 9 brings up the new (I think..) select groups or connected geometry window thing which looks as if it might do what i'm after but the option I want is buried under yet another gear dropdown... again it seems like it's become bloated rather than streamlined. Or maybe i'm just cranky after a bunch of less-productive-than-i'd-like days. Let's see if Monday and fresh eyes bring more sanity.
  15. SideFX releases Houdini 14

    I knew it was the monocles and brandy!!!! In all seriousness though whilst I love most of the new features after a week of use in production there are a couple of things which just seem a bit... off. This list is going to sound overly negative because i'm just listing the issues... but really for the most part it's been a great release. Listy McList away! 1: Locking nodes. OK this one is just plain weird, why remove a perfectly usable single click process and replace it with right click - scan through long menu - left click - find popup window - click OK because there's no longer a "don't show this again" message? UX improvements mean less menus and clicks. LESS. Can we revert to the original way somehow? Is there an option? 2: Getting attributes to display in the viewport. Now it doesn't help that for the me help file page on the new viewport visualisers gets me a 404 error but seriously... how do you setup viewport attributes now? That ui is stuffed full of seemingly irrelevant options that bare no resemblance to what i'm trying to achieve. I tried sacrificing a few producers under the light of the waning moon but it didn't seem to help. Perhaps executive producers? Either way this has also become more complicated and bloated for some reason. 3: 0 to select connected faces. .... is this really gone? Have I missed something super obvious? Doesn't seem to appear in the menu when I right click on the selection buttons, this has cost me a lot of time this week. 4: Selecting points behind other points. So i'm assuming I can still do this... somehow... but the default behaviour now appears to be don't select points that aren't in the FG. Pick visible geometry only? Select front facing and back facing? Don't seem to be doing a whole lot. Overall the viewport selection seems to have become significantly more buggy. I'm assuming it'll be tightened over the coming weeks but it's been a pretty frustrating week because of this to put it mildly. I'd say 7 or 8 times out of ten i'd like to select the BG points as well, like if you're a side view of a box and you select the corner you'd want to select the point on the other corner as well, seems odd to change the default. 5: Viewport selection in general. Sorry just thought this needed it's own number. It's kind of a biggy. 6: Add point to group vop. Where is? Set attribute - point group does the job but I guess if you're trying to make it a bit easier on the newcomers this was an interesting choice. Understandable in the end to consolidate nodes (like the wrangle nodes), but interesting. 7: Objects still getting "stuck" in the viewport. Was kinda hoping this would've been fixed by now, it's happened at both companies i've been at in the last year or so, put in a bug report a long time ago. 8: Expression tips while you're writing them. Where have they gone? 9: Please vacate my lawn. Now in all fairness for half the week I wasn't using the latest prod build (that's why "auto finishing paths to other objects" isn't on the list, it got fixed, although they seem to like appearing out of screen bounds where I can't see or get to them. For lolz I assume.) so take all these points as you will, and feel free to say "you do it this way you drunk" if I really have just missed something simple\obvious. There's always going to be some teething problems with a new release so completely understandable but these are the things that have been really bugging me this week when trying to get work done. Cheers.