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  1. Scatter without selfpenetration

    Yes. I've tried UV layout approach, but distribution was to uniform. Cool tip with xForm trick though. - thanks Konstantin!
  2. Scatter without selfpenetration

    Yes..Well I kinda found a solution. link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5K-0wqEJsU&ab_channel=Entagma Work like charm, but in order to prevent pigs from rolling and tipping , I had to make bases "warhammer style". Also I had to turn off RTX features, bc I dont have RTX card. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/news/19/vellum.html Shape match constraints require the latest driver for NVIDIA Ampere series cards. This is version 456.38 on Windows [www.nvidia.com] and version 450.80.02 on Linux [www.nvidia.com]. If you don’t update your driver, you can alternatively set the following environment variable to disable this feature: HOUDINI_OCL_FEATURE_DISABLE=CL_DEVICE_DEVICE_ENQUEUE_SUPPORT. For more information, see environment variables. [www.sidefx.com] The problem is, that it is now simulation based and I was askes to make a sequence of 10K frames in Alembic. Is there any way to make a script (aka. "action" in photoshop) reset simulation, wait 20 frames, write alebic, change seed, repeat... ?
  3. Scatter without selfpenetration

    Hi everyone. My first post. I`m sorry. I cant post Hip file. (NDA reasons) I have scene, where I need to copy to points exact amount of pigs (varies between 8-20 - weighted distribution) Everything is ok, but now I need to rid off self penetrations. Is there an elegant solution to this problem? (Maybe VEX magic - loop through objects, then move a bit) I tried following methods so far: 1. Set pscale by Volum Spheres: It`s legit method, but it works best in 3D. I think it`s little bit overkill. 2. Houdini Simon`s method of subtraction. Its slow (I`ve found HDA which does the same, but in VEX - link: https://mcworldkit.gumroad.com/l/CollisionsRemoval) I don't have full control how many pigs will be removed though. Thank you for all your help