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  1. EXR Data Window Planes default value makes no sense?

    edit: I got excited too early and didn`t multiply alpha so it didn`t work here : / Here`s example scene. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpn1dbsdikq4sts/example.hip?dl=0 Basically a ball with shadow matte. Once I render it on to the disk the shadow plane is cropped. - J
  2. EXR Data Window Planes default value makes no sense?

    Ok I gotta try the new version that would be great! I`m running 15.0.393 and on my default session matra rop has default C and A. Dunno why. Thanks, - J
  3. Hi, Why is the EXR Data Window Planes on only for C and A by default? Very often Mantra starts cropping AOVs. Is this because of performace issues? I think it would be smarter to check all planes by default - no? : ) Coolio, - J
  4. Rename label in multiparm list.

    Thanks Manuel ! You saved my characters .ass! I shall be forever in dept. : ) - J
  5. Rename label in multiparm list.

    How am I supposed to use the setLabel in the ParmTemplate? I`m bit confused how this should be done http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/hom/hou/ParmTemplate#setLabel I suppose I have to use the ParmTemplateGroup? for the edits? Hmmmm
  6. Rename label in multiparm list.

    Hi, https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwtpkqlksjusshe/multiparm.png?dl=0 Thanks for your answer! However it is not quite like I want it. I need to make a character asset that loads them from file structure and updates multiparm list accordingly. At the moment though, I can`t rename the labels of the characters. Should I use some other way to do "dynamic" lists? Thanks a lot, - J
  7. Rename label in multiparm list.

    Yo, I have perfectly working dynamic multiparm list. I get all the values and params ect. only thin I can`t find is how to rename the labels of the parameters!! I`m doing it in a python callback. Sounds so simple, but I`m new to Houdini(ex-softie) so simple things can be hard haha Thanks a bunch, - J