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  1. So I recently stumbled onto the Motion Path Handles Tool which allows you to visualize your animation curves in 3d space and also edit your keyframes in 3d space as well. I absolutely love this feature but from what i've read and experimented with it only seems you can get this Motion Path Handle UI tool at the OBJ level as it requires you to have the Pose mode selected on the left hand side of the Viewport. I was hoping someone could help me find a way to use this Motion Path Handle tool at the SOP level for a kineFX rig on say a rig pose node or something. If nothing like this exists at the SOPs level yet maybe we could brainstorm a way to either get something similar working at SOPs level, or how to procedurally import joints up to the OBJ level to be controlled with Nulls and therefor could use the Pose tool and the Motion Path Handle animation UI at OBJ level still. Motion Path Handles: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/motionpath.html
  2. Modeler 2020

    Nevermind i see it now! thanks!!
  3. Modeler 2020

    Hey does this work in 18.5? Just purchased it and am trying to get it running but its not showing up anywhere
  4. Hey Julian! This is awesome! Trying to mess around with it right now, but I'm in H18 not sure if that matters and the car does not seem to want to follow the path, The sim works fine and suspension works but all it apears to do is pop up on top of the geometry and kinda wiggle for a sec, am i just an idiot missing something basic?