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  1. Do you seek such thing? If so i exracted the density out of pyrosolver , because pyrosolver does not output anything unless you use dop io or something .But a regular blast works too . After that i used points to visualize rather than mesh mode. Then you have to enable the density attribute from visualization toggle . If you wanna read out it you can use volume sample and write a condition like if density <0 or else .
  2. you want those curves to look like pipe ? gridCopy.hiplc
  3. Did i get your problem right? You wanted the collision to happen properly ? Also according to the what you have sent ,entire thing was used as source and when you are importing dop fields , dop node should be the object instead of the entire network .So i fixed it . I put a regular pyro from scratch and piped your colliison geo into it .It seemed like it worked if i understood your problem right? tank.farm.hipnc
  4. Maybe you can have Textport at one side as one pane , Hit plus icon right next to tabs , go to New Pane Tab Type > Misc > Textport and on the textport type exhelp and name of the function .
  5. your wall as a geometry is the issue i guess , you have done some filling and extrusion which i didnt get honestly , but here is my attempt to get the similar wall which works fine when i try to fracture it week1_fixed.hipnc
  6. I think bbox("../bound2/",D_XSIZE) you need to have something like this which starts with two dots and slash then it pops up o dropdown which you can select which object you wish to reference from and rest is pretty much the same with what you have already or try putting ../.. before obj like ../../obj
  7. Maybe this can be solved with RBD in general but here is a simple solution with POP , and for the glass-like split i would suggest RBD Material Fracture instead of voronoi or if you wanna use voronoi maybe play with the scatter density to add variance to the sizes of the fractures to get that effect. sample_explode.hiplc
  8. Hey i did not do too much but i specify the group called "emit" inside the pop network instead of the delete and added gravity inside then i deleted the group "delete" afterwards outside of POP .is this what you mean ? sample.hiplc
  9. in SideFX lab library , there is a node called" lot subdivision" .You might as well check it . Simple yet effective and fast.Anyways Cool stuff from all !!
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