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  1. Mantra rendering glow

    Is there a way to make the position of the position(yの高さ) higher and higher glow in the Mantra rendering?
  2. Controlling pscale

    Thank you very very much!!!
  3. The lower the y-height, the smaller the pscale, and the higher the y-height, the larger the pscale, how can we make the pscale?
  4. Point group

    Thank you very much!!!
  5. Point group

    Is there a way to select only the points where y is greater than or equal to the height of y? This is because we want to select only the high points of the wavy Grid and copy the lines to them.
  6. Mantra rendering

    Wow! I's really easy to understand!! Thank you!!
  7. Mantra rendering

    @Librarian Thank you so much!! Do you main if I ask you to give me sample hipfile??
  8. Mantra rendering

    I have now created something like the image attached here. Now all the lines are glowing. Is it possible to make only certain places glow with noise in the rendering just using Mantra? Other places are fine to leave dark lines. Someone please advise.
  9. Pop source

    Thank you very very much!!
  10. Pop source

    What Expression should I enter in Const Activation to birth points between frames 30 and 40? I attached picture to here. Please confirm it.
  11. Copy stamp

    How do I copy a Line to the same direction as the randomized Normal direction of the Grid? I attached the hipfile. Please confirm it and tell me. sample2.hiplc
  12. Grouping with multiple BBOXs

    Thank you very much! I will try to do that!
  13. I'm creating a group in the SOP node Group create bbox. Is it possible to create a group with multiple bboxes instead of just one bbox? I've attached the Hipfile here. Please check it out. Sample.hiplc
  14. Growing lines in the selection

    I'm trying to make the lines I copied on the grid point longer and thicker than the selection only, but I don't know how to do it. Does anyone have any ideas? For example, I want to change the length of a line of length 1 to 2 only in the range selected in the box (or volume). Please tell me if somebody has any idea. Thank you.
  15. How to stretch lines randomly using Curve

    Thank you!!!