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  1. Polyextrude Local Frames Attributes

    I'm trying to use the Polyextrude Local Frames attributes (X Direction, Z Direction and Center), but it doesn't seems to work. In the manual says it's a vector attribute of type primitive if you are extruding faces. The Local Attributes it's working, Distance Scale and so on. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it just a bug.
  2. Tiles edge problem in volumetric render

    Is that a IPR render? The sampling in IPR (render view with preview ON) doesn't match between tiles. if is the case. Try to turn off preview or render from mantra node.
  3. Ubuntu 12.04 H13

    Not at all. I'm using for a while and it works just fine.
  4. Fake RayTrace sssHair

    Just for curiosity, I was reading some papers about sss hair. I end up finding this great college thesis: http://www.staff.sci..._07_jeffrey.pdf He did a nice description about sss hair: "One simple solution for light transport within a hair volume is shooting a shadow ray from the hair fiber to the light source. By representing the hair volume as a voxel grid (or perhaps by density functions), one can approximate the amount of light reaching the particular fiber." So I decided to give a try. Thanks Jason for the help with the gather function. Warning: It's very limited. It should only take the hair fibers to do SSS, but it's doing for all object in the scene. It can have several kinds of glitches, feel free to improve it. Cheers fake_sssHair.hip
  5. Number of raytracing hits

    Great! Thanks Jason!
  6. Number of raytracing hits

    Given a position and ray vector direction, is there any vop shop node (or vex function) that tells me how many surfaces the ray intersects?
  7. Curly motionblur from substeps

    You can do that without deleting particles. Sam Hancock explain the process in here: http://ihoudini.blogspot.com.br/2009/08/particle-motion-blur-again-and-some.html
  8. I'm also having this issue. The build 469 still have the problem, but less often. Please report it to Sidefx. If there's more people complaining, they will fix it faster.
  9. Hitchcock

    Looking good already!
  10. resolve takes into main

    You can use Hscript 'takemerge' function. takemerge [-f] destination_take source_take1 [source_take2 ...] http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini12.5/commands/takemerge
  11. Wolf fur

  12. fire embers

    It's possible to simulate glow in particle render, but 99% of the time it's done in comp. Faster and easy to change. But what I think you're asking is not glow, is motion blur.
  13. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

  14. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    There's no fluid software in the market capable to do this effect. CIS Fusion have a great solution, but is not ever close to ideal, since it looks like there's no concern to volume preservation and correct surface tension. The paper that Skybar posted is the best solution so far to flip method, but it relies on a anisotropic meshing system (flat spheres instead of spherical ones), which is currently not supported by OpenVDB or any other software.
  15. Mantra rendering problem

    Yep! That's the one. The name of the package is "openexr_viewers" and the name of the executable is "exrdisplay". At least for Ubuntu OpenExr is inside app source list, so there's no need to compile. If you're using any Linux distro check if it is there too. Cheers