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  1. Control White Water Emission based on volume mask

    It seems to me that a large number of posts are unanswered in general on this forum and SideFX's. I know most questions are rather basic, and most professionals don't' have the time to answer, but alas I still lament the fact more questions are not answered. Anyway, for those interested, I figured out a solution. It may not be the best, but it works. Simply using the 'attribute from volume' will get you what you need, getting the volume data to a float point information. I use that to control the whitewater source. Hip attached. pfm_to_ww_control.hip
  2. Control White Water Emission based on volume mask

    Nobody has any idea?
  3. I am creating a long animation of a boat on an ocean surface. I am using the new guided ocean surface with Houdini 16 to make use of the extended fluid surface blending to an infinite ocean. I am encountering a couple of problems, one being that as the sim continues the boat becomes a submarine due to so much fluid, but also, relating to the topic of this post, white water emission is occurring everywhere making blending into the ocean a problem. The question is, how to I use the volume mask created by the particle fluid mask node to reduce the velocity, curvature, and vorticity of the compressed fluid sim so that the white water emission will blend better with the infinite ocean? Any insight would be very welcome. Thanks
  4. Mixing 2 displacements in ocean shader...

    I too tried what you did afandina, how did you fix the result via COPS?
  5. Passes in Nuke

    Roger, that. Thx
  6. I have experience using deep rendered images as a compositor at large facilities, and while the file size is large, the ability to work in nuke while slower is still functional and the benefits of the deep render outweigh the file size and comp slowdown. I am doing some testing with Houdini for a whitewater sim and the DCM output is gigantic.. depending on the particles on screen, file size maxed at 3.2 GB for an exr frame. Nuke needless to say can't handle this, even Houdini's output of a DCM with a relatively small amount of particles will bring Nuke to a dead crawl. It seems like there are quite a few DCM settings buried. Does anyone have any experience on optimizing the DCM settings to get a result that is good but saves on file size and computing for Nuke? Cheers, Ryan
  7. Passes in Nuke

    I have the same issue. Sure if you export 'vector' nuke will see the channel in the exr except the channel is black which makes it useless. Houdini's COPs read the float type fine, as does an external app like RV. There must be a workaround for Nuke as this seems like a rather glaring issue that others must have figured. out.
  8. Grass and Dirt from Car Help

    I am trying to create an effect of grass and dirt flying up from the rear of a car tire as it fish-tails around a corner. I am not sure the best approach to achieve a real looking result. Best to just simply stay in pops or do you think a dop simulation would be required. The car is rather small in frame. Any quick suggestions to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. In the FX Tools shelf that is available from SideFX there is a asset called Smoke Heavy. I would like to control the color of the smoke based on a ramp that has a lookup attached to Age or Life of the particles. It is simple enough to replace the Cd attribute in the shader with a Ramp parameter, but if I do that the color of the smoke doesn't respect the ramp. Any assistance would be fantastic. Thanks.
  10. How to render sprites? The Definitive example

    Cheers mate! Thanks for the quick response, that was what I was looking for.
  11. I have searched far and wide in many forums and there is a theme that many people are searching for a way to render sprites in H9. While coming across many suggestions I have not been successful. Would someone be so kind as to explicitly explain the process and attach a hip that demonstrates it? Could be a simple emitter with a very simple sprite render. Any help would be much appreciated. -Thanks