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  1. How to attach the rbd to wire?

  2. Found a solution here when using FBX. .
  3. Houdini not exporting geometry to FBX?

    Hello, Wondering if this could work with Cinema 4D too? I've tried it out but I think it Cinema doesn't load the vertex Cache, could that be right? Thanks!
  4. Belgian Houdini artists ?

    Hi @BR1, I am bit in the same situation 12 years later :-) Been staring at a few simple things way too long now... has the Belgian Houdini scene grown in the mean time? I am also looking for someone in Antwerp to help me out from time to time. Thanks, Rizon
  5. Hello again, I'm partly there, just one piece (which I rotate) that still doesn't align. It seems like that specific data isn't exported. I've attached a simplified scene. Fingers crossed been staring at this too long ;-) Thanks! Chain.hiplc
  6. Hi @DwarfVader I am dealing with the same issue (importing in C4D). Have you find a way to make it work?
  7. Hello, I've exported from C4D some objects as alembic files, imported them in Houdini and run a RBD collision sim. Now I would like to import the sim back in C4D and switch the objects back with the original C4D objects. What would be the trick here? I guess export some kind of pivot point, but totally noob here :-) Thanks!
  8. RBD & Vellum Hair interaction

    Hello, I am quite new to Houdini and I've been struggling the last days to get an RBD sim to interact with Vellum Hair wires. The vellum Hairs detect the RBD, but not the other way around. I would love the RBD object to lay on the wires once on the floor, but now the rbd just pushes the wires aside. Also there's some flickering at the hair roots, if any suggestions here very much welcome. Thanks! vellum rbd interact.hiplc
  9. RBD attack one flickering piece.

    Hi Dan, New to the forum too, totally missed your reply, need to check notifications here somewhere Appologies for late thank you!! Curious to try this out!
  10. Thanks Tesan! Not yet came too scripting but will give it a try!
  11. Hello, I've imported an Houdini alembic file into c4d, added an octane objecttag for motion blur through vertex speed (trail sop velocity data), which worked fine. Now I would like to render out the animation through c4d without motion blur and add it in post in After effects, any hints on how to get the necessary velocity data into AE ? Thanks!
  12. Hello, I'm fairly new to Houdini, currently working on a RBD wood sim, happy with the current result. There's just one little piece that jiggers (geo overlap) and would love to only fix that specific piece so the rest is not affected. Thinking about 2 options but not sure how to do this: - Keep this piece attached to the bigger piece it originally was attached too. - Give this piece some extra velocity to create distance from the surface it's jiggering with. Thanks!
  13. Alembic particles to C4D

    C4D user just started to learn Houdini, very useful Matt! Thanks.