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  1. I am trying to create a HDA with a few pop and dop simulations that will need to be reset after the user change the seed, and wonder what is the way to link all the reset simulation buttons to 1 master button on the HDA interface?
  2. bombing explosion effect

    Hi everyone, I am planning to do a bombing explosion effect like this https://www.military.com/video/operations-and-strategy/air-strikes/heavy-carpet-bombing-footage/2069227652001 I am planning to drop the bombs with particles, but I don't know to approach with triggering the pyro explosion once the particles hit the ground. And also, with multiple explosions like this, is it recommended to use pyro cluster? Thanks.
  3. ok, so after some testing it seems like the enabling masking noise in ocean spectrum will cause the particles in ocean foam sop not sticking on top of the ocean grid, I am currently using the 18.0.532. would like to know if anyone have any solutions to this.
  4. I experiencing some problems with ocean foam particles are floating on top of my ocean grid, not sticking on top of my ocean, anyone know how fix it ? ocean_foam.hipnc
  5. Hi everyone, I want to render extended ocean with renderman, and I am not sure how to set up spectra and mask bgeo sequences in Pxr surface shader.
  6. vellum - no stretching

    my rope is gonna get compressed and it is going to be following the ship moving, which is why I used attach to geometry. I was using the setting below but it is still stretches a lot, with just wind velocity 10, substep 10, constraint iterations on 1000. I wonder if more constraint iterations is the only to go if i want it to stretch less.
  7. vellum - no stretching

    are there any other way to do it? I wanted to apply it to a pirate ship model, where the rope come in as cylinders already.
  8. vellum - no stretching

    Hi everyone, I am learning vellum right now, and I made a simple set up of a rope falling down with vellum and I really liked the look of it. But when I applied a wind on it, the rope started stretching, I was wondering how I can make the rope look tighter without any stretching. Thanks in advance! vellum_noStretching.hipnc
  9. I had tried the methods in the 2 topics below, but it has been giving me a non type error when i clicked the action button to select primitives. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61728/?page=1#post-306307
  10. Hi everyone, I trying to put the group selection from the blast node to my hda interface, but I am constantly getting this error when I try to select primitives. I'm working with houdini 18.0.532 Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi there, I want to know what is the best approach on creating a large scale of stratus cloud and have an airship drop through it ? - I was initially starting out with 5000 x 5000 m box and shape it using the cloud node and cloud noise node as the background clouds - Then I created a smaller piece of cloud for simulation using pyro solver for the interactions between the clouds and the airship But when I try to up sampling on the cloud node for enough details for the background stratus cloud, houdini crashes every time I was wondering for the bg clouds if I should make it smaller and instance them, or if there are any better approaches to tackle this effect? Thanks in advance!