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  1. Hey all, I have a whole solaris setup and ready to render, I'm trying to do a slicker multi-shot workflow but I cant seem to get render frame ranges per shot. On the render settings node you cant specify the range, only on the very end USD_ROP node can you specify this. I've tried injecting metadata using 'storeparametervalues' for the start/end frame but I cant seem to use that information down in the USD_ROP (blue). Currently I'm using a switch to switch between my two shots here (orange). I'm relatively new to Houdini so I may just be missing something obvious but in the USD_ROP frame range I've tried: $shotStartFrame /HoudiniLayerInfo.shotEndFrame (this happens when you drag the value from the scene graph) Any help at this stage would be amazing. Thanks all
  2. Hey David, yes I've been doing a bunch of research and testing for Solaris/USD. Originally I was thinking to setup a basic Houdini pipe and then figure out Solaris/USD once its more established BUT from my testing the last couple of days, I must say, its pretty great. I'm hitting some issues which I need to figure out but all in all this answers the problem. Cheers mate
  3. Thanks Kiryha, Thanks for the links, I'll be reading through these tomorrow. In terms of project management we have our own internal database where we set our "shot info" so we know what and where to save files etc the front end of that is ftrack, so that side is fine. Its more me not knowing how things are done as well in Houdini, so I dont want to start scripting our own tools for asset management and then someone say "hey why didnt you just use HDA's" for example haha Have you ever tried to get a senior animator to use anything other than what they are comfortable with? (maya) .. I hope they do transition soon but I'm doubtful, and that would then reduce our "job pool". We are more environment work rather than animation though so I'd happily keep animation more manual for now. In the short term. Will read your links! Thanks again
  4. Hey, This is a very broad question but being somewhat new to Houdini (not vfx in general) I thought it would be worth asking people with more Houdini knowledge than myself. We are a small VFX studio and we have recently switched to being fully Houdini, as in, everything but some modelling, rigging and animation will be done in Houdini. We are also using Arnold for rendering. I've been looking at ways we can handle things like asset management through houdini, for instance creating a chair asset from modelling to lookdev and ending up with a final asset to then be referenced in shots for rendering. Obviously there are many ways of doing this, I've seen houdini HDAs which seem like they could be the way to go but I'm wondering how other studios are working with Houdini, not just single artists. Any links or information to research would be much appreciated.
  5. Hey pals, I'm trying to use the Substance Archive COP (https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/sidefx-labs-substance-plugin/) node and connect the op:`opfullpath('/img/img1/img_OUT{color}')` to the arnold standard surface colour input in shops. On the principleshader in the demo you can use the mentioned path to achieve this but with Arnold I cant quite figure out how to link this up. Maybe another node is needed to be plugged into the shader? Thanks, as always!
  6. Hey pals, I'm trying to use the substance texture node and connect the "op:/img/img1/img_OUT{diffuse}" to the arnold standard surface colour input. On the principleshader in the demo you can use the mentioned path to achieve this but with arnold I cant quite figure out how to link this up. Maybe another node is needed to be plugged into the shader? Thanks, as always!
  7. Another extension of this topic, right now I seem to have to unpack the alembic to be able to see the attributes downstream, is that normal or am I missing something?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply mate, thats exactly what I was after!
  9. Hey, Trying to workout a good asset workflow coming from Maya to Houdini. Geometry wise we are using Alembic and I'd like to add an attribute in Maya (or similar method) to define what materials are assigned to what geometry (shape assignment, never face assignment). Then in houdini use that attribute to assign materials to the alembic cache. So far I've managed to add a string attr to the shape nodes in Maya and export that into houdini fine. Once the alembic is unpacked I can see the attributes there. I cant seem to get those prim attributes to be used in the material node downstream though, as you could do with groups for instance. Any tips would be much appreciated, or other workflows that could be better. Cheers
  10. DupeVFX are looking for a Mid-Senior Houdini artists to join our small growing 3d team in East London. We are currently at the stage of switching to an almost full Houdini pipeline, wanting to take advantage of using Solaris and USD to drive the pipeline backbone and PDG for automation. The two roles we are currently interested in are: - Lighting artist with production experience using Arnold for Houdini. Solaris experience a bonus. - Pipeline oriented Houdini artist to help develop our Houdini/USD/PDG pipeline and integrate with our internal pipeline tools. We would also welcome very experienced supervisors that have run multiple shows using Houdini as the core DCC. To apply send an email to joinus@dupevfx.com
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