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  1. How to vertically align a uv texture?

    I've already tried with "uv layout". It didn't work alone but I manage to make it work with "uv project" in a loop. I only needed to calculate the angle first to rotate the "uv project" Y axis correctly inside the loop for every primitive. thanks
  2. How to vertically align a uv texture?

    The problem is that I can not use the polyextrude to make the object. I made this just as example but I am using imported objects that I need to generate new UVs.
  3. I am using "Face" to get a uv texture because it works perfectly for my purpose but some of them are rotated. How can I get face uvs aligned with Y axis, vertically oriented?
  4. I am trying to achieve a similar result to the one in the first image below. How can I achieve it? I am using "polyextrude" with negative distance but then I get curves intersecting on some corners. How could I remove the intersections easier?
  5. I want to apply a “dirt mask” only in part of my geometry considering its position (P.y) for that. Let’s say I have a 3 meters cube, I want to get a black color in the geometry part below 2 meters and a White color to the last meter. "Rest Position" and "Global Variables" are not working because they are considering the camera position and not the one from geometry.
  6. I need to transfer a Cd attribute from points to primitives and back from primitives to points. How do I do that?
  7. Why am I getting white bake textures?

    I've already tried "Disable Lighting and Emission". I believe it is related to the shader, but I'm using a simple "hair shader" node as the hair material, and I'm not sure where to go from there.
  8. Why am I getting white bake textures?

    Thank you, David. I've already watched this video some days ago. But I couldn't find a solution yet.
  9. I’m trying to bake texture using both “bake texture” and “games baker” nodes, a simple Geometry as the LOW RES / Uv object and a hairgen node as the HIGH Res Object, but all my results fail to capture any colors from hair (base color) although the normals seem to be right. How do I properly bake the hair shader to the texture? PS: I already tried to disable lighting.
  10. I do need to use the intersection point between the hair cards and the skin. How can I find these hair card generate node's pivot point?
  11. How can I create groups randomly?

    Thank you very much, Julien. It worked perfectly.
  12. I am trying to create some groups from a "guide groom" node so I can apply different kinds of hair generate later and give more variation to it. How can I get the guides randomly and create the groups from it?
  13. I'm trying to make the geometries attached to a sphere (using the "copy to points") to change it's Base Color considering the texture color of the sphere's surface. I've already tried "attribute from map" using the same sphere's texture but the colors are not in the same position.
  14. Bake Texture of Hair on a Geometry

    I'm having a hard time getting the "Hair Generate" node of my geometry to be projected in its UV when using the "Bake Texture" node. The error presented is that there was no normals and UV map for OUT_GROOM when I tried with the settings of the image (geometry and hair are inside subnet1). I already tried on a "Geometry" node to use the "Object Merge" to bring the geometry and the hair together, and this works so that at least I can project something on the UV. Still, that way I can't apply a material like the "Hair Shader" to the "Object Merge" of the hair, the hair always stays white. No surface base color is showing.