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  1. @Benyee It works, thank you, I learned new things thanks to you. Finally, I was planning to restrict the angle of the normal to prevent it from entering the geometry, but I thought it was not so important.
  2. I have normals following each other. The distance between two points is kept in the @perimeter attribute. I want @N to unfollow when @Perimeter crosses the distance I set. I did a setup but it doesn't work properly @N direction keeps changing. Scene file: N_direction.hiplc
  3. @fencer It work fine, thank you very much for your help, it was important to me..
  4. @Benyee Hi, I tested your file it was working in simple transform scene but when I wanted to test it in an rbd scene the result was negative and the primdist kept deleting when it was less than 0.0005. There was deterioration on the outer surfaces as well, but I seem to have partially corrected them by separating and reassembling the surfaces. test_v2_rbd test.hipnc
  5. If the distance is greater than 0.0005, the mesh is visible, otherwise it disappears. What I want to do is once it is visible, I want it not to disappear anymore even if it is less than 0.0005. I tried using a solvent but failed. test.hipnc
  6. It worked, thank you, now all I have to do is stop tracking when it reaches the distance I set.
  7. Hi I'm working on rebar, How can I make the rebar directions follow each other like in the video? -> https://vimeo.com/251055761
  8. thanks for your answer, but there is no explanation about constraint limit map here.
  9. How to make destruction with color like in gif? A sample scene would be great. - constraint limit map
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