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  1. Rotated line with odd shadow

    Hi, i'm trying to render line in mantra so that edges are transparent, and use the 'free' space for rotating line a tiny bit. But for some reason the shadow is pointing in the wrong direction. If you look the attached image, there is a line where edges are treated as transparent. The line is 'rotated' (= controlling what part of the uv space is the center) to left. Now, i would assume that the shadow would be rotated to left also... I'm missing something but what. Cheers -k shadow.hipnc
  2. Rendering lines and width attribute

    @anim: You're genius!
  3. Is there a way to define the ‘width’ attribute, that Mantre uses when rendering lines, inside shader/material? I tried to export one from shader but Mantra doesn't seem to use it. Only way (so far) that does seem to work is to define it outside shader. Cheers -k
  4. Shader/material quickie: is there a way to use “Is Front Face” vop when adding displacement? Currently i have “i” and “n” from surface globals connected to IFF and it works fine. When i try to use returned value with displacement nodes Mantra cries out that the global variable is missing. Displacement globals has “n” but where do i get the required “i”. I'm trying to create a shader for an line that has displacement only on front face. Cheers -k
  5. Haa, thank you Sir! Interesting tho - the length method seems to give 'wrong' angle for the first (0) point: 2.50448e-06. Whereas, the normal dot method gives the correct angle - 0.
  6. Hi, i am trying to calculate angle and axis between two vectors, using the Align VOP.. I has an option to export 'Angle Axis' - its help card says: "This operator computes a matrix representing the rotation around the axes normal to two vectors (their cross product), by the angle which is between the two vectors. The resulting matrix maps the first vector onto the second. If both vectors have the same direction, the result will be an identity matrix. If the vectors are opposed, the rotation is undefined. This can also output a quaternion representation of the transformation rather than matrix." What does it mean? In the attached scene, i have an open circle which have some normals. Next i am trying to calculate the angle/axis between the normal an up vector, but the angles i get from the Align doesn't make any sense. Cheer -k angle.hipnc
  7. Hi, can i use ch VEX function for accessing strings? If you open the attached file, you will notice that i am trying to move one point to a specific location..marked with another point (Demo scene ). I will get the location via opinputpath and point functions. First i will get the path via opinputpath, and then i use it in point method via ch function. Now, it seems that if i use ch function, i will get invalid location. When i use chs, i will get the correct one. Documentation/help says that there is version of ch function that returns string. What am i missing here? Cheers -kimmo ch_vs_chs.hipnc
  8. Thank you! Intresting that they don't work directly, but you must use them via expressions. Need to test both of these...
  9. Hi, is there a way to use SOP based (animated) attributes e.g. Cd in POP Force? You could do this in old (Houdini < 13?) popnets. If you open the attached file (Houdini 16 but should open in earlier too), you'll see that i have an animated Cd, which i then bring into dopnet via VOP POP. If i use it there, and modify the force, everything works fine. But if i export it, and then try to use it in POP Force, via @Cd.r, nothing happens. Cheers -kimmo points.hipnc
  10. Reset rotation

    Thx K and moss, maybe i am asking/hoping too musch. It would be nice if there was a way to move object to origin and reset its rotation, since in order to get expected results from Copy SOP, source geo must be in the center, without any rotation.
  11. Reset rotation

    The one i provided demonstrates what i'm trying to do - create a node which will reset objects rotation and translation in to origin so that it can be used in Copy SOP.
  12. Reset rotation

    Didn't quite understand you file Konstantin Is there a way to do it in Point VOP?
  13. Hi, is there a way to reset object's rotation/translation procedurally in Point VOP? I think that i have found an answer for the translation part: subtract object's centroid from the point pos. But the rotation...argh - too much math that i don't understand Cheers -kimmo copy.hipnc
  14. Extrude along point normals

    Display flag is on the Wrangle SOP just so that the normals are visible in the screenshot
  15. Extrude along point normals

    PolyExtrude SOP in Houdini 15.5 has an option Extrusion Mode, with a value Point Normals. Help card for it says that 'Extrude along point normals' ...but it does not seem to work. I don't get it Cheers -kimmo extrude.hipnc