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  1. TLDR Version: I'm trying to render an fbx in houdini, and the objects are colored using vertex colors. In maya, we do `mesh display > Toggle Display Colors attribute`. Is there a similar way to do this in Houdini? Longer Version All the models I am working with use Vertex Colors as their color/diffuse base, and sometimes use vertex alpha for transparency. For Blender, I know you need to create a material using the Vertex Color Node. If using the .fbx in Maya, you may need to refresh the Vertex Color display to view them. to do so, you select the top-level group in the Outliner, then select Polygons -> Colors -> Paint Vertex Color tool. Simply activating this tool once will show the vertex colors. You can also select “Toggle Display Colors Attribute”. from autodesk documentation: "Turning on the Display Colors attribute lets you view the color per vertex information as well as any assigned shaders on a polygonal mesh when the display is set to shaded mode. The default Display colors setting for any object is off until color per vertex information is applied" Is there a similar option / method of viewing vertex colors in Houdini? I'm attaching a .blend file with the vertex colors showing, as I desire them to in houdini. I'm also attaching the fbx file with the geo/ vertex color info I am using.
  2. Hey, so I'm using redshift and houdini. I want to animate the hue of one of my materials, but keyframing is not allowed in the mat context. I tried using $F to animate the material, but the parameters are RGB, not HSV. I also tried using the vex function `hsvtorgb`, to fill the RGB params accordingly: R = (hsvtorgb($F, 1, 0.5).x) , G = (hsvtorgb($F, 1, 0.5).y), B = (hsvtorgb($F, 1, 0.5).z) , however it looks like this vex function isn't available in the parameter context. Any suggestions? Fingers crossed that there's a simple fix Btw, not to complicate things too much, but I'm actually attempting to animate the color values of a RS volume, which has no inputs, and outputs an OutColor, which I plug into the volume input of the RS material output. So I'd prefer any solutions which would work for my situation, but am also curious to know if there are other solutions to animating hue, even if they might not work in my particular scene. Thanks you!