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  1. Why hasn`t this been implemented yet ? Imagine Houdini 20 Dual Monitor Full Screen with an internal Floating web and file browser. Infact imagine Houdini OS, pedal to the metal. boot into houdini. This is the future.
  2. Hi Everyone; My name is Tim, long time odforcer , houdini user ,born as an artist will die as an artist. Right now I am working as head of FX and CFX departments in Canada for Mr.X . In case you haven't heard of us visit our web-page.(Link Below) https://www.mrxfx.com/ I am looking to strengthen my team in Toronto, for our upcoming shows. So I am looking for mid to senior FX and CFX Artists ,TDs and Leads. We are offering at least a year long contract for suitable candidates. If you think you are a suitable candidate please send me an email at timucin.ozger@mrxfx.com with below information. Title: FX Candidate / CFX Candidate / Lead FX or Lead CFX Content: Link to a reel A possible start date Position Intended This position is not for remote work. Relocation is required. Thanks for reading.
  3. Yes , I got a pretty fast reply , although the documentation also suggests mesh lights to be in closer groups spacially. I already have a solution but it's not practical, I can render each section seperately and deep comp after. The other thing that's bugging me is how to control trace sets in a smarter way , can it be driven by detail attributes for example, because I have 50 instanced proxies, so practically I have one object, what if I want to trace based on an ID, for example trace against each other in this group of instances that has a matching attribute value. I keep experimenting, finding better values and all that. I am still stuck at baking Irridiance point cloud into the proxy for example. How do I make Houdini load a specific Irridiance point cloud per instance of proxy etc. And yes, I am doing my last tutorial with redshift that's why I got it, although I will have to do a simple mantra switch along with it.
  4. Hello, I have questions regarding proxies as well, I am trying to optimize the sh*t out of my night city scene, I have tried mesh lights and instanced lights, the problem is I dont know how much I can bake per instance, which is like one building. RS render node outputs very small proxy files, is it because it's referencing to instanced proxies. Can't I do a nice proxy of one building with baked GI, ( not UV based, Irridiance PC) and instance that back? Can we also include the lights in proxies, is there any workflow or tutorial for this. I don't need to render everything as one pass, u would probably divide it to 10 layers and deep comp afterwards. Just a bit lost here, very new to redshift
  5. One thing I am not sure here, this is not true instancing as every piece is a unique object and can be loaded only once, so there isn't any memory advantage here
  6. Not straight from inside Houdini and not for processing actual data multiprocessed but I got multiprocessing working inside hython quiet successfully. I am now trying to implement it as an HDA. I would welcome any help https://github.com/tricecold/hythonWedger
  7. Same rig, pretty stable on Linux and Windows. Very happy
  8. Is the openCL issue on recent Intel CPUs is fixed on Linux. Is there a patch or a workflow. Thanks
  9. 10+ HOURS HOUDINI TUTORIAL IS DONE LINK COMING SOON It is a paid Tutorial, and I will put the link once its all ready to download 10+ Years of Industry Experience 18+ Years of DCC Apllication Experience Currently Employed as a Lead FX at a VFX Company https://www.timucinozger.com/
  10. I am using it on ASRock X399, quiet happy, make sure cables are firmly seated, otherwise user may experience cold sweats (speaking from experience)
  11. Yes but htop looks much nşcer with HT on
  12. I think i7 8700 is a better option than ryzen now, that's what I have been advicing people
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