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  1. Hello, So I did a particle sim a week ago and today I re opened it to render. But now when I scrub the timeline I get this error window saying "mantra : error loading disk file". I can close that error and continue to scrub the timeline and everything will play properly. But still after few frames I again get that same error. Can someone help me figure out what's going on. I have cached the particles into disk. The error message doesn't display anything related to that cache location but instead shows a location in my user %appdata%. I am Working on a 3900X, 64GB RAM. I can provide more info, screenshots if needed. Thank You!
  2. Hello. So as you can see in the below screenshots i created a point group named "outer" and tried to apply a material to that group using a Material SOP. But it said the group does not exist and it did not work. Then i ran the wrangle which i used to create the "outer" group over primitives instead of points and created a prim group named "outer". Then it worked as i expected. The Material SOP picked the group name "outer". So my question is doesn't the Material SOP work over point groups? I went through the Material SOP help doc and it said "Assigns a material to a group of primitives or points." I am a bit confused. Do i need to adjust any specific settings in order for it to work over points? Thank You!