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  1. Curvature VOP in Shading

    I forgot about blurring. It worked like a charm. Thank you!
  2. Curvature VOP in Shading

    I tried that too. But since it's values are per primitive it doesn't give a good result either. I have to increase the resolution of the geometry much more higher if to get a smooth result from SOPs. But the geo already has a lot of polygons so increasing the number of primitives more is just not a good way I think.
  3. Curvature VOP in Shading

    Hello, I wanted to add a different shader layer for the concave areas of my geo. So i used the curvature VOP. But the issue for me is the values it returns are really sharp. See the images below to get an idea. The first image is the result of the curvature VOP. As you can see it has really sharp edges. I dont want that. I want a smooth falloff. For example look at the second image. It's just a AA noise but it's really smooth. Doesn't have a hard edge between black and white. But with the curvature VOP i dont know how to get that smooth look. It returns values from 0 to 1. So i tried fit ranging, using ramps but still can't figure out a way to make it smooth. The third image is the current WIP render of the geo. As you can see when the curvature layer is used in the final render it looks really bad with sharp edges. I want those black areas to be smooth. Any tips on how smooth it out or a different approach to calculate the curvature values? Thank You!
  4. Animated Wedge Attribute

    For example, I have a parameter value that I want to start at a value 1 on the first frame and then animate to say 0.4 on the 48th frame. And if I want to wedge this parameter, I have to do that keyframing on the wedge node. That's why.
  5. Animated Wedge Attribute

    Hey. Isn't it possible to keyframe a wedge attribute? I tried it and the values does change on the wedge node but on the node parameter i am using that attribute on, it does not animate. It only reads the start frames value and keep it.
  6. Pyro Scatter Flickering

    Thanks bunker. It worked. Really helpful.
  7. Pyro Scatter Flickering

    Hey. I am facing an issue where the scatter of the pyro is flickering. I am talking about the scatter field you get from the pyro bake volume. I isolated the scatter field and checked it and as expected it's flickering. Flickering means it's kind of getting bigger and smaller over time. You will understand what i am saying when looking at the GIFs below. The temperature field that is used to create the scatter field does not have this issue. So pretty sure it's happening because of the smoothing. Any tips on how to get rid of that flickering? check out the scatter field flipbook too. It's clearly visible in that. 001_011_scatter_field.mp4
  8. Pyro Render Passes

    It is noisy when looking at it alone. You can see it in the GIF. I go through each pass. It is noisy alone. And it adds that noise when all the passes are put together. But the original beauty pass does not have that noise. I will share the EXR file. If possible only take a look. What my goal is to separate the passes scatter, fire, smoke etc and tweak them a bit and put them back together. Mainly the scatter pass is what i want to tweak. Snap_17.0024.0.exr
  9. Pyro Render Passes

    Hey. Nope I haven't used any denoiser.
  10. Pyro Render Passes

    Hey. I am facing a issue with the render passes i get from the pyro shader. As seen in the GIF after i shuffle all the passes and put them back together the result is slightly different. I have my smoke(density) pass, the scatter pass and the fire pass. But when I put them back together it's slightly off. Slight off means as soon as i add the scatter pass it introduces some sort of noise. I am not sure what's going on. What could be wrong? Doing the add operation on the layer. That's what i usually use when putting passes back together so don't think theres an issue there.
  11. Hey. I have couple of things I don't understand properly regarding render passes (Image planes). What's the difference between Combined Emission and Direct + Indirect Emission? I thought when Direct + Indirect Emission passes were combined you would get the same result as the Combined Emission but apparently my Combined Emission pass is same as the Direct Emission pass. It seems like it does not include the Indirect emission? I thought since it was "Combined" it included both the Direct and Indirect? Or is it called Combined because it will pull all the different emissions on the scene into one pass? I still haven't checked that so maybe that's what it is. Other thing is what's the difference between Ce (Color Emission) and Direct Emission? In that case also the Indirect pass is not included in the Ce. So my Ce looks exactly like my Direct Emission pass. So what's the difference between them? I checked these in scene where I only have a volume. With volume limits set to 1.
  12. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Hello. Did you manage to find what was wrong? I know this is a bit old post but I tried to do the same thing as fencer has done. I have created a attribute on points and on the mantra node I created a new image plane for that attribute. But when I check that render pass it's empty. Just black. I opened the original HIP file shared by fencer and it works perfectly. So I replicated the same setup on a new file but then it doesn't work. Am I missing something? Created a sphere and a box, created a vector attribute on both of those geo. Named it obj_ID and then in the mantra node created a new extra image plane and added the attribute name obj_ID as the VEX variable. Set it's type to vector. Hit render. The C pass has the geo. Then checked the obj_ID pass but it's empty for some reason.
  13. Hello, So I did a particle sim a week ago and today I re opened it to render. But now when I scrub the timeline I get this error window saying "mantra : error loading disk file". I can close that error and continue to scrub the timeline and everything will play properly. But still after few frames I again get that same error. Can someone help me figure out what's going on. I have cached the particles into disk. The error message doesn't display anything related to that cache location but instead shows a location in my user %appdata%. I am Working on a 3900X, 64GB RAM. I can provide more info, screenshots if needed. Thank You!
  14. Hello. So as you can see in the below screenshots i created a point group named "outer" and tried to apply a material to that group using a Material SOP. But it said the group does not exist and it did not work. Then i ran the wrangle which i used to create the "outer" group over primitives instead of points and created a prim group named "outer". Then it worked as i expected. The Material SOP picked the group name "outer". So my question is doesn't the Material SOP work over point groups? I went through the Material SOP help doc and it said "Assigns a material to a group of primitives or points." I am a bit confused. Do i need to adjust any specific settings in order for it to work over points? Thank You!