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  1. Pivot and packed primitive

    perfect thanks
  2. I try to move the pivot of a packed primitive so I use : vector new = chv("new"); setprimintrinsic(0,"pivot",@primnum,new,"set"); v@P*=new; But my primitives moves is it possible to move the pivot without moving the object ? Thanks for your help pivot.hiplc
  3. Is there a way to wire nodes with keyboard ? Let me explain we select two or more nodes and with a key nodes are wired ? Thanks
  4. HDA in TOP Network

    I'd ike to create an hda to process flipbbok, is there a way to "encapsulate" my network in an HDA to work in a top network ? Thanks
  5. I have an rbd simulation that works as I expect, if I save the cache with a filecache node it works without any problem. Aterwards I tried using TOP nodes for running several wedges and this is where things stopped working; the wedge attribute updates fine and if I run the filecache node by itself it's able to save the simulation like I expect it to. but when I run a ropfetch node it doesnt save the correct cache…all the variables like the wedge index and so on show just fine in the expressions but the actual saved cached file looks nothing like the one I did earlier with the filecache node itself. Anybody have any idea what could be happening ?
  6. "open" a text

    boolean works thanks
  7. "open" a text

    How can I avoid this strange result on a text with font SOP ? Thanks for your help font.hiplc
  8. Place popup window

    When user click on my button I'd like the message box ti appear at the center of the screen or at a place I like to indicate, any way to do it ? Thanks def makeMerge(): # nullName=hou.ui.readInput("Null name",buttons=('Ok','Cancel'))[1] #
  9. Gravity not working properly

    I' m trying to male RIGIDS III just bought from CGCircuit but my helicopter when I put active=1 in my sop solver go upward and not downward ?? Any idea Rigids_III.3.hiplc