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  1. Mystique(X-MAn) Flower (and muchus More)

    Oh wow! I don't even have to worry about playng around with the pattern...much more versatile than what I was doing! Thanks for your help!!! :D:D
  2. Hey guys! I am transferring color on the model using attribute transfer and using SOP solver to make the change permanent. I am trying to isolate either R or G on my model after running it through a SOP solver so that I can then use different parts of the model for different effects. Here's the link to the effect I am trying to recreate.(Transformation effect) Any suggestions on how I can do it?
  3. Hey guys!…I have a simple grid in Houdini which has an attribute transfer to change color(its animated going from left to right). How do I attach material based on color here? So that red and black both have different materials attached and therefore, I can see the material change in render time