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  1. Masking wind velocity in Vellum

    Can you share your scene file? I was working on a similar effect a while back. If I can take a peek at your setup I might be able to guide you through your specific challenges.
  2. Slow Flipbook

    Yes, I had the same problem. To fix it jump into your SideFX license manager and install your licenses onto your local machine.
  3. Flipped Normal?

    Hello Fake Pilot, would you mind sharing your scene file? I might be able to develop a workflow tailored to your needs.
  4. Loading Alembic camera

    Hi all, I recently did a discussion about this for The Rookies | Rebelway FX challenge. I used a Python SOP to extract some useful data from the alembic cameras provided with the scene. alembicCamScript.py #add this code to a python sop to extract transform data from an amembic cam #extract the world transform of the alembic xform node & mult the 4x4 matrix by a origin vector #note --> the .node("path") is an absolute ref to the target alembic node camPos = hou.Vector3(0,0,0) * hou.node('/obj/alembicArchive/alembicXform').worldTransform() #creating a look nml by offseting the vec (-1 along the z-axis) camLookPos = hou.Vector3(0,0,-1) * hou.node('/obj/alembicArchive/alembicXform').worldTransform() camLookDir = (camLookPos - camPos).normalized() #binding data to geo #.pwd() is a method for getting the active directory geo = hou.pwd() #setting detail attribs onto the geo #creating two detail attribs (camPos & lookDir) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, "camPos", camPos) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, "lookDir", lookDir) #alternivivley uncommment this code to add a point attrib #pnt = geo.createPoint() #pnt.setPosition(camPos) #pnt.setAttributeVAlue('N', lookDir)
  5. Instancing tree leaves?

    Hello @tamagochy Would you mind explaining this in more detail? What are the steps one should take to build the matrices and rotate the leaf instance in accordance with the deforming geometry? Edit: Not a problem. I've figured it out! I'll post an update with my results for anyone who's interested or needs this as a reference for their own setups.
  6. Instancing tree leaves?

    Hello all, I have a built a rig that allows for the dynamic simulation of trees. I was able to define an instance point which is offset from the trees branches. This enables the copying of a packed leaf primitive onto the point. The next step is to update the rotation of the packed primitive. It seems like the copy to points has defaulted to using the z-axis (vector pointing in the {0,0,1} direction). The tree includes a central wire which captures the deformation as it moves through space. I have been able to construct a normal by using the following logic: Using a leaf point find the closest point of the wire compare point positions (@P{leaf point} - @P{wire point}) normalizing the compared vector and setting an @N attribute VEX CODE However, when using this @N (normal) on the copy to point the leaf geometry picks up this @N (built above in vex) and discards the desired z-axis vector of {0,0,1}. Here is a diagram demonstrating the results. Figure 1 - This is the result of the vex code written above (visualized left), notice when using the vex code normal the leaf is unable to correctly orient itself to the point (visualized right). The custom vex code normal is required to guide the orientation and the tree deforms. This is shown in the following .gif animation. Figure 2 - A .gif animation demonstrating the updating normal as the tree deforms I have also tried adding an @up vector to see if that resolves the issue, however, that route is also producing me undesirable results. I have though about using some form of quaternion or rotational matrix, however, I am currently studying these linear algebra concepts and I need time and guidance before fully understanding how to apply the knowledge in Houdini. Could someone please offer guidance in this regard. I am working on supplementary .hip file which should be posted shortly. Warm regards, Kimber
  7. Anyone having Houdini launcher issues?

    Hi everyone, glad to see I'm not the only one with trouble. I've tried opening a direct line with SideFX support and will let you know about any details. Regards
  8. Hello all, Hope you are doing well. I have been facing issues trying to launch Houdini 18.5.351. I tried checking the SideFX website but have been getting a few 504 gateway timeout errors on the page. Does anyone know if SideFX is doing routine mantinace on their servers thus causing problems with the liscence server and Houdini launch? Thanks in advance.
  9. Directionally orient grid

    @k2p8 Hello Matt, This is a phenomenal piece of work that you have whipped together. I can see value in taking time to study the processess documented in your scene. Could you offer some advice for one who would be looking to learn quaternion based orientaions? Any tips such as: resorces study methods application in a Houdini context Thank you again for sharing your skills with others.
  10. Directionally orient grid

    Hello all, Thank you for the responsive feedback. Konstantin, I like your thinking. I'll take a look at implementing your techniques into the rig. You also present a good point for using the is front-face VOP. Tesan, This is a splendid collection of resources thanks for digging around. I have built a full L-System this setup is a mock to simulate the principle features. Any other feedback is welcome, this post could be useful for someone in the future. All the best, Michael
  11. Hello and welcome to this post. Synopsis: In nature, we see a phenomenon called tropism (the way a leaf orients itself towards the sun). I need help building a rig that will simulate this effect. These are the objectives: Create a source object acting as the reference point for tropism Get the leaf to orient itself in relation to the source Additional challenge: It would be ideal to shade the front and back face of the leaf with a different texture. What is a neat VOP setup which would simulate this? Here is a basic HIP file to begin messing around with. leafShading_Orient.hipnc
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has dabbled with building a custom environment for Python development in Houdini. My goal is to simulate the hython shell in visual studio code and run my script with corresponding feedback in a Houdini session. The SideFx documentation on Command-Line Scripting is a great start. I understand bash scripting and setting $PATH variables but with that said I am a noob for creating this kind of interwoven setup and could use some guidance.