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  1. Helo, I read that " Velocity measures the rate at which your position is changing with time . It's magnitude is your speed, the distance you travel in a certain amount of time, and its direction is the direction in which you are heading . Speed = Distance/Time " After reading this I decided to do a test in Houdini to test this equation vs using the length function in vex. However, I am coming up with different results in both scenarios. I am not sure why that is... Maybe I'm not understanding whats happening properly I would love to get someone input on this. calc_speed_equation_vs_length.hipnc
  2. strange offset with custom active attribute

    @Noobini I took a nap and when I woke up it made sense lol. I understand now. Thanks Noobini.
  3. strange offset with custom active attribute

    @Noobini Not sure i'm following... How do you figure it would only be big enough when it reached Frame 2000 in your example? If the Value that is being fit is a negative number and not within my range than it should return 0. Only when it reaches the range specified (@startframe- @startframe+duration), than I should get the proper fit values of 0-1 . Thanks
  4. strange offset with custom active attribute

    @Noobini Thanks, your first logic fixed the issue , but i'm still confused to how my example ended up being offset 1000 frames ? In my case I needed some float values, not just 1 or 0 but thanks for the example. appreciate it.
  5. Hello, Some of my vex code is returning very strange values than what I thought it should be doing. I have this: i@startframe = floor(fit01(rand(@id*23.4234), 1001, 1050)); // create random start frames float duration = 15; //duration f@active = fit(@Frame-@startframe, @startframe, @startframe+duration, 0,1); //create value between start frame + duration However, my @active value doesn't start between 1001- 1050 as I specified, it instead starts from frames 2001- 2100. WHy is this? Why is it offset 1000 frames ?? would appreciate any help . thank you active_value_problem.hipnc
  6. add noise in shader

    @Librarian Thank you !
  7. add noise in shader

    Hello, I am trying to add custom noise in my shader so that I can see it during render time but I am not able to get it working. I will attach screenshot of my setup. I am not sure what to se my "transform" parameters to as well. Would appreciate any help Thank you noise_shader.hipnc
  8. Ramps on vector attributes

    @AizatulinThank you . I get it now. So basically its doing something like this: v@mod = @P.x%1; v@Cd=v@mod;
  9. Ramps on vector attributes

    Hello I have a question about the ramp function . I understand that the chramp function looks for a 0-1 value but what does it mean when i provide it with a vector attribute like @P ? If I have a grid and use this expression: f@active = chramp("active", v@P, 0); v@Cd=@active; This will return a gradient striped pattern on my grid. But why ? I have not provided any 0-1 value here only the values of each point position. Is the chramp function trying to convert this into float 0-1 values ? Thank you ramp_vector_attrib.hipnc