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  1. I'm a 3rd year uni student aiming to be an FX artist. I would like to foucs my last year on a good demo reel. To that end, how much compositing do you do as an FX Artist in your studio?
  2. How to set vellum grain constraints?

    Hello, I gave the scrip a test and it just explodes upon first frame of the sim. Has Houdini changed something about how this works in 18.5?
  3. RBD with animations

    I think I may have figured it out? It seems clunky, if anyone has a more 'correct' way of how this works please correct me. See attached files Prop_Spin_Question V2.hipnc
  4. RBD with animations

    Hello, I'm trying to use the RBD Material Fracture technique to make a fracturing plane. I want to attach / parent animated spinning props to the deforming wing. I know this is probably really simple but I've been messing with this for a few days now an I'm pretty stumped. I've attched a demo file to illistrate what I mean. It would be prefered to have the props as fractured objects so they too can deform and collide with the body (tearing the side open). If that isn't possible I can alembic out the prop and use it as a coliding body, but getting the animated prop to stay attached to the wing is where my troubles lay. Any help would be really appriciated, thank you Prop_Spin_Question.hipnc