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  1. Distort Gradiant

    Thanks for your responses guys
  2. Distort Gradiant

    Hello every one ! i have a scene where i created à circular gradiant and I want to distort it, like in the picture bellow. Do you know how to do that in vop ?
  3. Smoke Attract

    Thank you guys, in my case I have a moving object so I use @dleonhardt technic and it works as expected
  4. Smoke Attract

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I have a little question. Is it possible to control my simulation so that it is attracted by my tube? Like a pop attract, but for smoke ? I made a first simulation to have my base, which I freeze to import it into a second dop, the one in which I would like to "attract" my smoke towards the tube...
  5. Deform along curve

    thank you very much ! I didn't really know about xform, I have to investigate thanks
  6. Deform along curve

    Hello everybody :) I have a little problem, I'm trying to deform my fabric along a curve. I tried the path deform, but it flattens my shape every time... The only solution I've found so far is using the vellum brush, but it's long and I'd like a more "procedural" method... Ideas ? Pathdeform.hiplc
  7. Procedural Center Line

    You are the best, thank you very very very very much
  8. Procedural Center Line

    Hello everyone, I hope you are well I have a little problem and I can't find the solution.... I would like to be able to create a gradient ramp on my left object (the 8), in order to be able to assign it a color, black in the center, white on the extremities (as on the right plane). Is there a function in the wrangle attribute for that? Thanks in advance 8.hiplc
  9. Reference path

    Hello everybody I tried everything but don't find the solution... I want to reference the path of my sop import into the subnet/sopnet/objectmerge with an expression, so whenever sopimport i connect to the subnet, it will automatically be reference in the object merge. Is it possible ?
  10. Solaris Megascans create Variants (and proxy)

    So I tried to find a workaround, but I am stuck, I cannot create a variants... Is there a way to tell houdini to use each "Mesh" as a variant? (I know there is a "each" node in lops but i don't know how to use it in this case)
  11. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I've been wanting to try solaris for a while now, and karma xpu has definitely decided to give it a chance I try little by little to understand the concepts of the usd. Today I would like to use plants, imported from megscans to scatter them on the ground. I know that the megascan plugin for houdini allows them to be imported automatically etc, the problem is that with this method I do not know how to assign proxies to it, put them in the Layout Asset Gallery etc etc. That's why I tried to do it with the component builder, and it works really well, even with a lot of plants, my scene remains fluid etc. Problem is, I can't figure out how to "automate" the import and creation of multiple "componentgeometry". As you can see on the screenshots, I have to manually create the necessary number of componentgeometry, then plug in the source file for each variation of plants (to save a little time I linked everything to a switch node, then change the switch value on each component geometry). I was thinking of using the "for each" node but since I can't connect anything to the componentgeometry, I don't know how to do ... Ideas ?
  12. Sop Animate Attribute in DOP

    Thank you so much So , to resume for people who will read this in future : I want to control a parameter in pop force (like the forcescale), with an attribute that i had animate in Sop level (in this exemple Cd). For this, in DOP you have to : - In RBD Packed object, enable "overwrite Attribute" and type in the attribute you want to use (in this exemple, Cd) - In the force (in my exemple, PopAttract), you have to enable "use VEXpressions" and type the commande, WITHOUT "@" before the parameter name, in this exemple "forcescale *= @Cd;"
  13. Sop Animate Attribute in DOP

    Thank you @Sepu, my problem came from the "overide attribute" function (I thought that by checking this option, i will overwritte the base attributes, whereas it is the reverse, if I understand correctly, it import attributes from sop). Now i can control with pop wrangle, for exemple, if my objects are active or not but i can't use my "Cd" attribute to control, for exemple, the force scale of my pop attract... Do you have any idea how to do that ? Test_RBD.hiplc
  14. Sop Animate Attribute in DOP

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well under the houdini 19 sun. Today I'm trying to do something that I thought was "simple" but I can't find the solution. I try to import the animation of my @Cd in dop in order to control the "force" to be applied to my boxes. but when i look at the geometry spreadsheet in DOP, my "cd" attribute is static ...
  15. Slide Along

    Thanks It's exactly that Wacool. I'm not sure to understand everything but it's that. For the "slide along" I find it, it was the CARVE node (i forgot it). This is the end result :