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  1. Brick house

    okay okay I got it now Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you again !!!!!!!
  2. Brick house

    this is exactly what I wanted thank you so muuuuuch!!!!! Can you pleeeeaase just explain to me what exactly does the line "neighbourcount(0,@ptnum)==8" ? I'm reading the sideFX documentation but I didn't know about this function before
  3. Brick house

    wow thanks for the quick response but I'm kinda lost there is a looooot of things I can't find anything about the house/brick stuff
  4. Brick house

    Hi everyone (that's my first post in here) I'm trying to make a house made of bricks but I don't know how to manage the corners (my poooor brain is trying to figure it out since the beginning of the month) I succeed in creating a brick wall (by the way I'm not sure this is the most academic/efficient way to do it so if you have any suggestion it would be a pleasure - see Capture.png ) but not the corners. I don't want to "simply" use a copy node I need the shape to be procedural pleaaaase. BUILDESTRU.hipnc