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  1. VOPs and Custom Attributes

    In pops, right-click the pop, select Create New VOP Type. Then, in VOP, TAB, find the VOP node you created are there. Just a thought. I'm not sure about this method because the only thing I have done in VEX Builder is surface shader.
  2. How to edit SHOP in VEX Builder

    jeff: "Unless the shader was build in the VEX Builder, there is no way of taking hand written shader code and having the VEX Builder build a network from that. You can turn that shader in to a VOP operator so that you can use it as is in the VEX Builder though. Just add your custom shader in the SHOP network, then RightMouseButton on the icon and select: Code: Create New Vop Type... and follow the insructions. You should then be able to Tab-select in the VEX Builder that new node. This is how you would mix two different shaders together."
  3. VEX malfunction

    I'm using 5.5.230, Most of the VEX shaders I downloaded from this website and others can't work. Houdini's default shaders have .vfl files, but I can't compile it by using vcc -u NAME.vfl.
  4. VOPS or VFL?

    I like do things with VOP network, VEX is difficult to me.
  5. Installing Shaders

    Many information is at shader.fmk.pdf.
  6. How to edit SHOP in VEX Builder

    In this case, How to edit SHOP in VEX Builder? I created the .vfl file by right-clicking the OUTPUT of the surface shader, selected save code. I have used vcc command to create the .vex and .ds file, moved the .ds file the shop/surface, modified shopsurface file by adding "v_NAME shop/surface/NAME.ds -label
  7. How to use these two files

    Thank you. Find it at 2 VEX Scripting/ 4 Creating a VEX Surface Shader. The folder should be $HOME/houdini5.0/shop, and modify SHOPsurface file.
  8. Strange Geometry

    Post your .hip or hipnc file here?
  9. Files size getting large and slow down

    Similar to yours. Very strange, but happened. Almost couldn't run. There were no changes about Double Buffering, Draw Lines Smoothly, reserve for undo system, and other applications were runnig at the same time with Houdini. I opened a .hip file random, which was about 200KB, with no operations, saved, and the file became about 20M. I'm using 5.5 on xp. The .hip file are created by myself. Even if I createed a new one, without any operations, save it, the Untitle file would became about 20M. Sure, I did many operations to the file. I didn't notice which operation after it the speed became slowly. CPU: Celeron 900 MHz. RAM: 128M. Video card: Sis 630, 8M, compositive within mainboard.
  10. clouds - like chang post

    You can post .hip file by the way you attach the image. Before test the shdow, place some planes which the shadow on. Just a thought.
  11. How to use these two files

    I don't know about this. In fact, I want to ask the method compiling the .vfl file. In VOP builder, I made a Surface shader. In it, placed a skin node, wired color to Cf, Then placed a parameter. Tried to use it in SHOP. Good. But when tried to use above method to install .vex and .ds file so I can use it in SHOP in every scene. Falled What is wrong? Thank you.
  12. Setup, no errors, just greyness?

    About Renderman's default shaders which had existed after I set up Renderman and not are the shaders are customized by me. I can only use ri_spatter1, ri_rmarble1, ri_stone1 and some light. Can't see the colors of other shaders.
  13. How to use these two files

    1. I downloaded the arbitaryAxis.zip file from odforce. Copy ArbAxis.ds to I:\Houdini5.5.230\houdini\vex\Dialogs\Sop Copy ArbAxis.vex to I:\Houdini5.5.230\houdini\vex\Sop Copy ArbAxis.vfl to I:\Houdini5.5.230\houdini\vex\Sop Copy tri_axis.bgeo to I:\Houdini5.5.230\houdini\geo Edit VEXsop file in I:\Houdini5.5.230\houdini\vex by adding the line ArbAxis vex/Dialogs/Sop/ArbAxis.ds -inputs 2 - label "ArbAxis" -icon ArbAxis.icon In SHOP, Tab, no such SHOP, Why? 2. I downloaded jason simmons's vex hair tutorial, is JS_vexhair.tar.Z, I don't know how to use it. Winrar can't open it. Thank you.
  14. light problems

    Normally, Renderman is faster than Mantra. Reduce the values of Mantra/ Standard/ Super number. Turn on Override Default Res, and reduce the values. Click the pluss sign in right hand of the Render Command, In Standard entry, reduce the number of Bucket Size and Level Details. I'm a beginner. If something is wrong, please excuse me.
  15. My creation.

    Another one. The backgroud was not created by me.