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  1. Exactly what I wanted - thanks a lot, Edward!
  2. Hi there! Trying to wrap my head around some of the rather basic functionality of Houdini I am currently trying to replicate the Maya animated snapshot functionality, which is basically duplicating a given geometry at each frame throughout an animation. In my specific case I have a music file, which I read in through CHOPs, then use the CHOP to drive the height of some points which are then connected to a line - a very basic 'equalizer' kind of effect. Now what I want to do is: Have this line move along an axis and create a copy at each frame, so I get a surface which represents the equalizer effect over the length of the entire clip. Does that make any sense? I think there must be some way to copy/stamp points to the correct positions using some function that queries values at a given time, but cannot get anything to work... Any help would be greatly appreciated! What I have so far is attached. Cheers, E test.hipnc
  3. Hi there. I have a scene, where I get an image from the compositing context into a constant shader via "op:", which I use in conjunction with a light template and vex GI shader to light the scene. Now, it all works as long as I have all image nodes in the compositing context processed as 16bit integer - it bails on me, however, if I switch them to be floats of any bit length. What I expected is that I could just as well reference them in as HDR images, any idea why that doesn't work?
  4. Ramps

    Spot on, Andy, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot for helping me out here, guys!
  5. Ramps

    Well, I need a gradient ramp as a background. Over time, the values that constitute that gradient have to be animated, probably fed by data coming from a SOP. However, all within a certain color-range, say one in blueish/greenish tints ect. To facilitate the process I thought it would be good to have that one ramp for the background and then procedurally pick colors from the other ramps, the value to be picked driven by a channel from a SOP. I'll go to bed now and have a look at it tomorrow, I guess. This has to be a lot easier...
  6. Ramps

    Sorry, I put that weired, then. I don't want to plug a ramp into the color slot, but want to pick a color from a ramp, that is then fed into the other ramp. As if you wanted to specify three ramps, from each one only ONE color is taken at any given time. These three colors are then referenced in another ramp.
  7. Ramps

    Fiddling around with COPs I ran into a problem: Say I create a ramp COP and put down lets say three different points on it. Now, what I want to do is control each of these three points' colors by other ramps. How do I go about that? It should be really simple, as I'd guess I should be able to reference the output color components of a COP node directly. I just cannot find how anywhere... I even tried to create a simple ramp inside of a VOP cop with a parameter picking a specific point of said ramp. What I was planning to do is then reference the output of that through pic("../vopcop", 0, 0, D_CR), pic("../vopcop", 0, 0, D_CG), pic("../vopcop", 0, 0, D_CB) onto the color swatch of the overall ramp. ...kills Houdini, so I gues that doesn't cut it Any help?