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  1. Let user input curve for an HDA

    Yes the sub-network input accepts the newly drawn curve but I can't change the display node past the switch the sub-network input node connects to.
  2. Let user input curve for an HDA

    Ok sorry this is probably really simple. Once I select custom, there's nothing to do, no curve inputs appear. Do I just draw a curve? when I do that, it's not within the subnet of the original HDA.
  3. I have an HDA with a series of preset curves that the user can switch between. This curve is taken and a revolve node is applied (this is in the top left of "model inputs," "bulb"). If I want the option to let the user draw a curve that they want, what do I do? If I simply include a blank curve, what allows the user to draw in in the HDA? And ideally, they should start drawing it at the origin like I did when making the three preset curves. lightbulbs.hdanc