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  1. Hi there, I'm using -P to run a python script to over ride the IFD's params for the image crop values to allow me to render out tiles for assembly once they're all done but when I use the below code regarding amending the file name... def filterCamera(): < get tile number > < set crop image values > etc. OriginalName = mantra.property('image:filename')[0] TileNameData = "0.0_0.25_0.5_0.75" TileFileName = os.path.splitext(OriginalName)[0]+"_"+TileNameData+os.path.splitext(OriginalName)[1] mantra.setproperty('image:filename',TileFileName) It still saves the output image with the original file name to disk from the IFD Am I making this change at the right place or using the wrong def for python filtering? Must admit I'm pretty new to Houdini so there's every possiblity I've got it wrong here Using build 10463 on win64 machines (yea, I know windows etc but there you go)
  2. loving Houdini, but not windows..