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  1. Flip Collison with thin layer

    I have a collision geometry inside the flip. So collision is like a core. And flip goes inside the geo, thought I ve played around with collision separation
  2. FLIP smooth drops

    Hi I'm trying to melt letter "T" with flip in a way that it creates consistent drops. (I've attached reference image). Trying to play with viscosity and noise but it is either too fluid so that it melts quickly like water or on the contrary... doesn't melt at all. (I have attached hu file). Any help? ))) Thanks. Melting_3.hip
  3. Hi. I try to controll bend stiffness_drop_off inside vellum contraint property. But when I turn on stiffness dropoff no changes appear during simulation. If I turn it on inside vellum cloth within bend properties It works but whener I make changes with vellum constraint properties nothing works. Any help?
  4. RBD LookAt Orientation

    @Librarian Thanks for the answer. But when I pick a target and run simulation. Boex start rotating around themselves. Instead I want the to keep being oriented like in initital position. So that they keep on following particles, collide with each other as rbd objects face the target in the center but without rotation around its loval center.
  5. Hi. I have a setup with boxes scattered in a circle position. Inside rbdbulletsolver i try to use LookAt in order to force boxes always face the center while they move around. But fo some reason look at rotates all boxes. I know there must ne something with up vector but cant fiure out by myself. I tried to different options within look at and tried to assign different up values but still cant figure out how to make look at force objects to actually look in the center of coordinates without weird rotation. Please... help The file is attached. untitled.hip
  6. Hi. I have basic polyline. Turned into the rig with RigDoctor and animated via Rig Wrangle. I would like to export animation to fbx beacause as far as I understood in order to export fbx animation one needs to use rig system. But nothing works(((. Second question is how to export to fbx copy to points animation. In general I wasn't expecting exorting fbx animation to be so complex. Thanks in advance
  7. Scale Smooth Strength

    Thank you! Exactly what I was trying to do!)))
  8. Hello. I have a basic sequence of grids intersected with object. I use Smooth node in order to smooth it))) and I like how it functions at the bottom but its too smooth at the top. I want slowly affect the model with smooth node so that it has fool affect at the bottom and low affect at the top. Its not a problem to create attribute that fads away closer to top... The problem is how to use the attribute. When I insert "@scaler" in "strength" param of smooth node it gives me "no local variable found". Help Thanks
  9. Connect opposite points in vex

    Thank you so much!!! It really helped me)) (Sorry for late answer)
  10. Connect opposite points in vex

    Hey hey. I'm trying to do a very simple thing - connect opposite points within vex... Normalas are given. I've tried with dot product but failed((( Any advices?
  11. Min values from unknown number of arrays

    Thank you)
  12. Hello. I have an array attribute and I need to figure out min values among all first, second, third, etc elements of arrays. If I were about to know the exact length of array (let's say 3) I would do this... iterate insider forloop "distances" append values to three new arrays and find min values with min function. min(distancesone[0]), min(distancestwo[1]), min(distancesthree[2])...... My problem is that I don't know the exact number of array and min() is useless as long as I can't manually create arrays of specific number elements. So the question is how can I figure put the min value among distances[0] elements, then [1], [2] and so on... Thank you.
  13. Atom's Link Page

    Thank you so much!
  14. Hi. I was trying to use some "maketransform vex code" I've seen in a tutorial in order to scale objects along custom axis. But kind of lost and don't know how to apply the code properly. Any help? The file is included. I was thinking maybt it's better to apply some matrix that will bring every object to the world origin, then apply scale and then invert "back to origin" translation matrix so that the objects come to their local spaces... but don't know how do it in vex. maketransform.hipnc
  15. POP proximity to group

    Thanks a lot! SOLVED!))))