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  1. Katamari Challange

    yes, the challenge is superb, i agree =) ( my version some time ago )in addition to this chalenge i suggest to think about how to make all objects not rbd, but 'soft' .. =) there is some very funny trick with adding and deleting 'Colliders' data and convert squishy object to rbd (please look , thanks to Johner!) but nevertheless i don't know right now how to convert all the simulation to this 'squihy mode'.. =) so, maybe this will be the addition to challenge?)
  2. Convert degrees to vector

    forgot to attach the file... rotations_to_vector.hipnc
  3. Convert degrees to vector

    Hello, Tony! Please look the example file. the main function is writen in 'Expressions' Tab of 'aliases and variables' menu here is the code vector nd(float x,float y, float z) { nx =-(cos(z)*sin(y)*sin(x) - sin(z)*cos(x)); ny =-(sin(z)*sin(y)*sin(x) + cos(z)*cos(x)); nz =-(cos(y)*sin(x)); return vector3(nx, ny, nz); } this the same what was said upper. Rotating 'xform1' SOP => setting the direction of 'line3' SOP Hope this helps!
  4. cloth object glue

    thank you, GallenWolf! aha, that's the question .. but also i think that's not very good solution, using constraints.. when two rbd objects are collided, we use RBD State DOP and put one object in the 'glue object' field.. what does this actually mean in houdini ? i think maybe smth like fieldforce which appears from one object to another ?.. so maybe 'glueing' can be simulated somehow using forces? but anyway we need impact data..
  5. rbd point object question

    hmm what do you mean?) of course they are) please post the scene =)
  6. rbd point object question

    ok, you have rbd point object for the points. then you create sopnet and in it create object merge SOP, and there write some expression like stamp("../NULL", "DATAPATH", "../..:boxes*/Geometry") (if for example the rbd point objects are named 'boxes1,2,3..') the final node in this network would ne null SOP, named as 'NULL', as it is said in the 'stamp' expression. in the network you can do any operations, for example change colors randomly for the objects and in the DOPNET you shoud use sop solver to get all this sop operations to the dop simulation. if still any questions, i'll post the scene!
  7. cloth object glue

    hmm.. what should i put as the 'roots'? what is the analogue of 'impacts' data to the cloth?..
  8. cloth object glue

    hello! tell me please how can i glue cloth objects? like glue in rbd. so, i have nice rbd simulation with glueing objects when they are collided and i want to add the 'elastic' effect. rbd state dop works only with rbd solvers.. the idea was to switch solvers at the collision.. i haven't tried this yet, but i think that's not what i want .. any other ideas? )
  9. bulge/magnet math

    thank you for answer! but when the metaball is at the zero height (it's center has the same y-coord as the grid) the points which are affected by metaball are deformed only in xz-plane. so, i don't understand the math of this motion.. ah, ok, sorry. yes, the magnitude is calculated using kernel function (wyvill etc), the distance by the distance and direction to metaball center - as you said.. i think i understood.. thank you!
  10. hello! can you please tell me the math of these nodes - magnet (or it's simpler version bulge) SOP. i know the metaball's math, what's going on, all these functions (wyvill , etc) - but what's going on when i'm deforming the grid by metaball using bulge SOP? i see the effect but can't get the point what's the math of all of this - which coords the grid points get?.. thank you!
  11. RiFilters

    thanks, but now everything is solved, i think)
  12. RiFilters

    thank you very much, Mario =)
  13. RiFilters

    hmm, i use microsoft visual studio 2008 express. i've done: in properties -> c/c++ -> general i added the additional include dirs (path to .h files (ri.h etc)) in Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies i wrote the path to prman.lib file after this there are no errors and test.dll is ready. unfortunately i can't check it right now. but the second action i've done intuitively) is this the right way for this tasks or i've done smth wrong?)
  14. RiFilters

    thank you, Mario, yes, all RiProcedures are in 'ri.h' file, and this header was included of course - i do nothing with the code: (except #include "stdafx.h") //HelloWorldRiFilter.cpp //This Filter replaces RiCone to RiSphere using the radius parameter #include <RifPlugin.h> #include <ri.h> class My_RifPlugin : public RifPlugin { public: My_RifPlugin(); virtual ~My_RifPlugin(); virtual RifFilter & GetFilter(); private: RifFilter m_rifFilter; static RtVoid coneV (RtFloat height, RtFloat radius, RtFloat tmax,RtInt, RtToken[], RtPointer[]); }; RifPlugin * RifPluginManufacture(int args, char **argv) { return new My_RifPlugin(); } My_RifPlugin::My_RifPlugin() { m_rifFilter.ConeV = coneV; } My_RifPlugin::~My_RifPlugin() { } RifFilter & My_RifPlugin::GetFilter() { return m_rifFilter; } RtVoid My_RifPlugin::coneV(RtFloat height, RtFloat radius, RtFloat tmax, RtInt, RtToken[], RtPointer[]) { RiSphere(radius,-radius,radius,tmax,NULL); }
  15. RiFilters

    hello i started studying RiFilters - http://www.hosok2.com/project/dataExpansio...iFilter.cpp.txt (from this research: http://www.hosok2.com/project/dataExpansio...xpansion_2.html ) when compiling i got an error: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _RiSphere referenced in function "private: static void __cdecl My_RifPlugin::coneV(float,float,float,int,char * * const,void * * const)" (?coneV@My_RifPlugin@@CAXMMMHQAPADQAPAX@Z) if the string RiSphere(radius,-radius,radius,tmax,NULL); is deleted - everything is ok, test.dll is compiled. tell me please what's the reason?..)