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  1. trix with trace tool

    heheeee perfect work Yes thats exactly what I need. Little bit hurt that must change skin in some frames but it is perfect. some frames will be owerriten with another number. Much more better then study half year melscript hihn. Thanks a lot wolf, tomorov Ill show them power of houdini. By the way, just joke, hihi small sabotage from my colleague when I was ill last month, see the picture my Win background....
  2. PFtrack problem

    Hello I have some problem with PFtrack When I import cmd file into houdini, all is ok but one problem, There is no animation curve for FOCAL LENGHT in camera, what is big problem. So I try import clip. There is all ok, but I need change some keyes on focal lenght at the and of animation. How I could do it in chops? Is there some possibility how to bake keyes ready for manual changes? There is little hip file. Please look at it. Thanks a lot....BC... help_PFtrack_CLIP_OD.zip
  3. Zdepth

    Hello I have really stupid question. I have problem with writing Zdept to single pass. I read ewerithing there about this technique but I cant create it. So I render EXR format with Pz. then in composite copy atribute then normalize and conver to 8bit, but I cant still see anything. Please help me with this thing Im crazy with this. Another question is if I can render directly 2 pictures per frame like maya render layers. There is little hip with my bad setup. Thanks a lot ....BC..... Zdepth.rar
  4. Zdepth

    Yehh thats it I try a lot of combination but not this thanks a lot edward, give a one beer on me ofcourse our czech, Bud or pilsner
  5. Procedural city

    Hello I trying create procedural city. It is for far background. My first bigger thing in houdini. I haves some problems. Still dont know if maya or houdini, hope houdini win 1, Proceduralism works great but have big problem with memory. When I copy object on grid, it is only one house (rand scale, rand rotate door, windows, rand floors), houdini crashes with 17*17 grid points, 289 objects. It is in houdini some memory settings or something, optimalization ?. I will have 3-4 houses like this. With a lot of randomizes. I try save to disk one block with 15*15 but houdini still crashes. I have 2Gb memory. Is there problem? In maya I have 5 mil poly in scene and work still good, no problems, there is 270 000 poly and houdini is down. Please look at the hip file. The tree is not perfect but still nohing complicated. 2, Some transformation problem. It is easy I thing but, Second floor need to be randomize rotate 0,90,180,270 degree. I create couple of transform nodes and then switch between them with stamp. There must be some expression which work with copy stamping and randomize 4 numbers. 3, Which is the best way how to randomize texture(material), let say I have 5 different textures for house, for same UVs, need to be randomize with stamping. 4, What is the best way do some pertagle control. I use switch for every random entity. But dont have control how many percent of whoch peace I need. Let say, I need 90 per houses without floor 5 per with 2 floor and 5 percent with 3 floor. How solve this problem? It is stupid questions I know, I download some examples from PROCEDURAL CITY forum topic, but this things I cant find somewhere. Please look at the hip file, there is a lot of things which I could do better, better optimalization and help houdini make it more stable. city_015.rar
  6. hello I have little problem. First with deep shadow map, look at the picture and hip file. On the ground is lines. I dont know why, if scene is smaller, all is ok, but my scale is like that and deep shadow is wrong. setting is good. 512*512 pixsam 3*3 shadow qual 2 softnes 3. Where is problem 1024*1024 dont help. another problem is, when I display settings set display sprite particles, my base particles will be stones, stamped with random scale, but they still render like one sprite, how in viewport and render turn of visibility? Thanks a lot. ground_03.rar
  7. Hello, I have problem with bend deformer. I cant bend my tire 360deg with absolute perfect fit. In maya there is no problem bend works great and acurate, but in houdini after 4 hour of trying bend my tire Im absoluteky frustrated. Please help. There is hip file. If Houdini, one of the best CG 3d soft on the market cant bend acurate object, how I could bend it? Thanks a lot. You will save my computer grrrrrr akira_014.zip akira_09.zip akira_014.zip
  8. houdini bend like maya bend?

    Perfect, bend OTL is great, like in maya, thanks a lot...BC..... akira.bmp
  9. houdini bend like maya bend?

    sorry I have some error, akira 14 is the right link, thanks a lot....BC.....
  10. cat

    Thanks a lot man for hip files, thats the best for learning. Cat is wery beautiful ..... Good luck and a lot beautiful images in houdini......BC....
  11. sprite render times

    Hello, I have problem with sprites. 2 lights, one with deep shadows. second bottom light only small intensity. If I render 1000 particles, all is ok, speed is fine, but if I have 2000 sprites (which is not too much) when I start render, takes 5-7-10 minutes when open Mview (at the bottom of houdini is "evaluating python skript" and mantra is visible in task manager), but render takes only one minute. Please, where is problem? I need render 10 000 - 20 000 sprites, but with this it is impossible.
  12. sprite render times

    Ouuu thanks a lot, that's it. you save my life and my computer hih
  13. Volcano smoke

    Hello I have little problems with my volcano smoke. First problem with shader, I use my shader, created from miguel, an try some shader from OD force comunity, but there is some mistake. Another problem is with sprites, 1, rotation, I need rand rotation on begining and from fast to zero rotation speed based on lifespan. I found some expressions but not exactly what I want. 2, scale. It is possible connect this parameter to ramp base on lifespane, based on lifespan? something like in maya. Just ramp for lifespan with min max parameter like ramp array mapper for start and and size od sprite. I mean add ramp to sprite interface forexample and connect it, without another colour parameter. I attaching file, please look at it someone, really I need it. Thanks a lot BC volcano.zip
  14. Volcano smoke

    Hello I search, try examples and there is my result. But still have some problems. Rotation: there is some strange things, particles starting rotate fast at the end of lifespane. I' m not good at the expressions, but I need something like this. I' l write it like in maya Creation expression (for begining of birth), random rotation 360 degrees , runtime expression +/- rotation + same rotation How could I write it in houdini? Scale: Creation expression: random scale (1, 10) , rutime expression $LIFE + 10 Another problem is with rendering, If I have cca 7 000,- particles, looong time evaluating script, then open Mplay and render is fast, where is problem?it is problem with calculating deep shadows? Thanks a lot for your support, it is difficult for me to switch from maya, thanks. there is scene file smoke.rar
  15. Volcano smoke

    Helo, so I found that all sprite smoke materials create this warning message. So I create new vop shader, go inside, paste all nodes of older material. Create shop material and all works good. Where is problem? I found that if I have some older smoke material, which I save to my material pallete, select it and choose promote material parameters, all parameters hide. Please, where is the problem?
  16. Volcano smoke

    hello, I try everything, but I can't still see sprite particles with shader, sprite node gives an error " smoke sprite1 does't export openGL material " where is the problem? Thanks a lot for help...BC.... my_tests.hipnc
  17. field bound

    Hello i have stupid question but I cand find it somewhere. How I could limit fields? For example gravity, in maya check volume and I choose shape which I need. Second question is how I could parrent turbolent field to moving bullet which has also limited field boud. Thanks a lot for helping...
  18. field bound

    thanks for reply I'll try it
  19. CYLON RAIDER from Battlestar Galactica

    Hello guys I started to modeling raider from BSG, I like that serial and becouse one day I' ll be ready to compleately change my primary 3d soft from maya to houdini, first thing must be modelling. becouse I'm wery heavy hardsurface modeller hihn, I must try some cool model in houdini. Everybody told me that houdini's modeling is the weakest part of incredible houdini world. So I must know that. After few hours of standart poly modeling in houdini I must say that it is not too bad as I thought. Some little things could be better, but this is first model and I must find my way how to efeciently use houdinis poly tools. I have some small questions. 1, One little thing, It is possible set, change some defaults settings for some tools. For example 99% use of extrude I choose AVERANGE POSITIONS , if I forget for that, then I must use fuse but I could make some mistake with some points and it could be paintful. Will be cool have this options to be set as default. 2, Look at the graph of wing, and thats not all. It is possible colapse this nodes, becouse I dont need this history, its for nothing. Tell houdini, merge all informations into the points and delete history. And leave only mirror and some history whis is useful and editable. Or houdini needs every node of history. 3,Is there some video for basic rigging? Im little confusing what I must do in geometry level and what in object level. In maya. Have main group RAIDER, inside all curves as controls and groups with geometry, RAIDER_G, ROCKET_G_01,ROCKET_G_02,ROCKET_G_03 which is constrained ready for animations to be independent, curve MAIN_CTRL which moves with everithing. So I need some controls for rockets. On MAIN_CTRL there is some parameters, open doors for rockets, push down rocket holder where is 3 locators on which is parented 3 rockets. All is set drive key in maya for specific groups with specific pivots. In houdini, as I found, rocket must be object alone, in object level for later animation. In object level must be MAin_CTRL, curve which move with everithing, 6 locators 3-3 for rocket holders, and 6 rockets. In geometry level, for example doors for rockets, it is possible to be in together with main model and opening doors and push out rocket holder driven by transform nodes whis is conected with MAIN_CTRL in object level? I dont understand what must be in object and what in geometry level. 4, How I manage my network view, it is posible create some null object, name it RAIDER_G for example, and this will be visible in main object level? Go inside and there will be all my objects, rockets, parenting connections atc... something like digital asset. But very simly. In maya i prefer clean scene. In outliner everithing grouped, clean, ready for animators which adds own help objects, some dynamic collision object atc and at the end of project whole scene is like digital dumping ground hih. sorry for this stupit beginner questions but it is important for me to understand how to manage houdini. Thanks a lot. BC
  20. CYLON RAIDER from Battlestar Galactica

    hello houdini guys so I finish my first houdini model. I thing it is first houdini model born on the Czech republic land :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Hope you like it, nothing special, first touch hih. I attach whole scene with textures, so you could use my model for some test atc..... I have some questions: 1, I dont know if it is my comuter, but when I go inside model and go there or there in another tree it takes sooo much time, something aroun 5-10 s which is too much, Im maya user and maya is f***** fast 2, When I start render in Mplay it takes long time to runHscript, and then open Mplay and render, this time is for translate scene atc no? But it takes almost 20s 3, Is there something like maya batch render? So use mantra on background with small priority and still work in houdini thanks a lot. P.S.: turntable animation will be soon http://bccompany.eu/houdini/raider_scene.zip ______________________
  21. path animation question

    Hello houdini guys I have stupit beginer question. I finally hammer out miguel' s meteor shader, As some years maya user I don't understand 80% conections in this shader, but it works hihi. I fell love in Battlestar Galactica, cool serial and of course cool space trickx. I want do do something like when raptors shot 4 missiles together. They has deformed spiral trajectory, in maya no problem, put emitor on path via path animation, done. In houdini I found in object level(svene level) path object. Add curve but my particle come with ball emiter. This is why miguel has transform node in geometry level. But, is there some node or something, becouse in transform node there is no place for path object, how I could solve this problem? Nother question. Ok I have path object connect in geometry level and have one trail, I create another 3 curves in object leve and only need copy the same ball emited particles. HOw is the most elegant way to do it in houdini. I'm so sorry for that stupid question, but houdini really absolutely change anythin which I learn for almost 7 years in max maya, rhinoceros. It is soooooo differend and so confusing for me, but I'must be hard to my self hih . Thank a lot. BC
  22. path animation question

    Excelent I got it, Thanks a lot. Now poly modeling in Houdini. Cylon raider hihi.
  23. First touch

    Hello, I'm very happy , this is my first graph in houdini, and, it works hehe. I know it is nothing , as I see some tests here, beautiful. But for me is very difficult learn houdini becouse I'm primary hardsurface modeller in maya and in houdini is everything differently. So there is it. 9 independent boxes and 3 spheres. Also my first mantra render. OCC with one raytrace directional light. Ok, some dynamic is done, now I started with modeling (humvee with TOW, progress soon) and then expand to all categories of this timeless peace of software. RBD test Please I have some stupit beginner questions: first, dynamic: I use 9.5 free version I create box, choose shutter but some errors with single faces etc, not good to me. So I choose crack 4 times and create peaces exactly as I want. Thats ok. Now create RBD and everything goes throught dop export to autoDopNetwork. Now AutoDopNetwork is totaly new object? with all rbd objects of course.so I could hide all primary objects if I understand it. If I change some parameters on crack on primaty object, all changes should go throught dop export to autodop isn't? but nothing changes I must delete dop exp and create new rbd and new changes is ready. All should be procedural or do I something wrong? another thing, all dynamic done but there is some funny peaces which rbd dont like, flying in the air etc. It is there some cleaning nodes for poly? In maya I'll bake to keys all peaces and peaces which is uncorrect delete some end keys or delete object. How solve this thing in houdini? thanks a lot BC