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  1. Pin RBD to Wires

    Ooou perfect, i know that i saw it somewhere. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello, I have a little problem with holding last frame in delayed load procedural. Im creating a spruce tree from lego, It has 20 floors. Every floor has its specific cache. So I create a one branch, say 250 frames cache. Then i copy it three times with delayed load into circle and have one floor. Same proces with other 19 floors. I have set of HDA where i can time shift cache. Thats works perfect. I need this setup because of fast ifd translation for use our full farm potential. Last frame of one branch has 2.5 Mil poly. Instance object works weird. First, it is so slow to copy all lego peaces and theres no help in translation, because it translates all lego pieces and in final stage we are speaking about 200mil poly. i have no problem with caching single branches. Translation is super fast render too. But, There is relatively long time between fist cache and last cache. So first branch ends at 250 but the last start say at 1000 frame and ends 1250. So first growing branch disappear because I have only 250 frames cache. Of course there is no problem to cache last frame to 1000frame. But It has 2.5mil poly and saving is slow. And ill have 20 floors. So, one little change and all resave again. Perfect will be if in delayed procedural will be something like hold last frame or use another file if cant find primary cache. The best way should be as alembic file. If theres no cache, holding first or last frame. Or find some program which can duplicate file with increment. Or what do you thing? Thanks a lot.
  3. Delayed load procedural, hold last frame

    So This could be what I need: `padzero(4,(if(($FF+ch("Time_Shift"))>ch("Cache_Length"),ch("Cache_Length"),($FF+ch("Time_Shift")))))` Time Shift is parameter for offset cache and Cache length is how long cache is. Thanks again
  4. Delayed load procedural, hold last frame

    Ok so this works: branch_01.`padzero(4,(if($FF>250,250,$FF)-200))`.bgeo.gz thanks a lot Tony
  5. Delayed load procedural, hold last frame

    Hi Tony, yes that could work. I have now this expression: `padzero(4,chs("time_shift"))` timeshift is parameter in HDA like $FF+15 for variation hmmm so I could use something like this: branch_01.`padzero(4,if($FF>250,250,$FF)+chs("time_shift"))`.bgeo.gz hmm that could work
  6. Pyro collision with RBD

    Hello I have interesting problem. I cant find the way how to collide RBD with pyro object. I tried static object with transformation, RBD object with use deforming geometry, Tried from shelf Populate Containers, Collide with Object. But I have no success. When My collision object move into pyro, it eats density, but no visible collision. I found there on odforce that could help in PyroSolver/ Advanced/Collision turn off Correct Collisions, but no change. Any Idea? Seems to me like a very basic thing. Theres a little scene.Any tip will be great. help_volume_collision.hip
  7. Flip spray detail

    Hello, Im working on my flip workflow and I have problem with spray layer. Bubles and foam is ok but I have "cubic" spray results. I play with settings for source whitewater to add more pops as source, but in whitewater solver theres not so much settings for spray look. I really like spray simulation like naiad has, but I saw a lot of good sim in houdini too. Any idea? Thanks a lot.
  8. Flip spray detail

    Ouu thanks a lot. In whitewater emitter, theres in Shape tab , Vel Stretch, Vel Offset, and important attribute Uniform scale. It helps a lot but particles still hold uniform shape. Noise tab help little bit but Im still not happy. My idea is that particles should breakup from wind, be more "live" as naiad has. Any idea?
  9. Ocean Area light highlights problem

    Hello I found little problem with specular-reflection of arealight on my ocean surface. Scene is from shelf with enw light-default dosh-sky and area light. It create white pixels, intensity does not work. Spot light has no this issue. But I need lit my scene by area light and want it global for all elements. Any idea?
  10. Ocean Area light highlights problem

    Hmm that very interesting thanks a lot guys. Im going to check it out.
  11. Hello I have a question about extracting transformations form sops. In Maya is workflow that I copy object somewhere down in rigg, move it up. So position is still on the same place like original rigged geo. Then I create parent constrain, bake sim, delete constrain, and object has all world transformation baked. In houdini a must use origin() expression or point() per object. Is there some other workflow how precisely export world transformation? For example if I use fetch, parrent and position say 10 objects, all fits perfectly in animation and how I can bake world transformations and delete fetch object? FBX dont export correctly fetched objects. Thanks a lot.
  12. Displace foam on ocean

    Hello, I simulating some boat on ocean, all works good but when I use displacement from Ocean Waves on my simulated mesh, how I could use same displace texture for my foam simulation to match same dosplace position? My displacement is relatively large so I need displace foam same way. Displacement is along normals in shader so I need normals on my foam to be correct. Uvs is the same. Attrib trasfer normals from mesh to foam is overkill. I thing there must be some workflow but in documentation or web I did not find anything. Any help? Thanks a lot.
  13. Displace foam on ocean

    hmm thanks a lot Ill look at it.
  14. Cloth Flag Procedural Point constraints

    Hello I have question about procedural selection of points. Reason is, when I have flag I want to set my fields on low res plane, when Im happy with results I want to switch to Hi res flag from same object. I group in sops points, which is as constrained points but cant find way how to proceduraly bring them to DOPs. I tryed pointlist() for my target constraint but with no succes. Any idea? Thanks a lot. flag.hip
  15. Cloth Flag Procedural Point constraints

    Ouuu perfect, thanks a lot guys
  16. Ocean Area light highlights problem

    Ok there is hip. I thing that problem is somewhere in oceanshader. Just standar ocean from shlef and arealight. Thanks a lot. specular test.hip
  17. oceanfx reduce tiling pattern

    The simply way is to paint point mask little bit there and there on your plane add some vops sop noise with mask from points and thats all. Diffferent reflection do the rest.
  18. Displace foam on ocean

    Ok so i create custom VOP/SOP and deforming my points from same texture as my ocean is. I found that if I check in render, render as points, points dont displace, it is clearly visible when I have grid, which is defomed by ocean texture, in render ic nice deformed, if I turn on render as points, its flat grid. so is there some sollution how to displace foam points by displacement in shader? Thank a lot.
  19. Hello I finally switch to H13 and I found that each new node is placed on the top of previous node. Which make big mess in my graphs. Is there some settings when i could switch it off? i cant find anything about this. In H12,5 all new nodes stock one by one in line. Thanks a lot.
  20. Hmm thats interesting. Its only my problem in H13?
  21. Chop relative path in otl

    Hello Tomas, sorry for late answer, I was bussy. Im little bit lost in this. There is little scene. I use export chop which modify all bones. Export prefix is set to "../../" but the bones has still absolute path "Overridden by /obj/chopnet1/export1 bones1" Thats a problem fot OTL. I tryed to firs create digital asset and then create chops from scratch but same problem. I dont know how to control export path. Thanks for your time, by the way congrats to your work chops.hip
  22. Walkcycle workflow

    Hello, I would like to know what is your workfllow for walkcycle animation in Houdini. I have created digital asset for little fish which I want animate. I have all parameters which I need only for animation on digital asset and now i need walkcycle. Fish will be part of large fishball system say 1000 peaces. Every fish has different shift. So i need one scene for animating fish, slow, middle speed and fast motion. Then Ill export cached mesh and then play with stamping velocity...... So in Maya. I set post and pre infinity in graph editor and then anime say 36 frame walkcycle and then offseting curves which still has 36 frames. But say on frame 3 in same channels theres no physicaly curve just preinfinity. I dont want key all offseting curves on frame say one and last frame. I want clean curves just offset and let infinity do the job.Than cache only 36 frames. Done. But infiny I can do in houdini with chops so Ill owerride my values in otl. And then I animate curves inside chops? But if I want change somethink in viewport on controls, they will be locket by chops. Or i should implement chops infinity directly into otl and connect it directly to my otl contols? Or is there other way how I can animate by controls on my fish, offset curves but still have some hidden post pre infinity Like in maya? What is your workflow. Thanks a lot......BC.....
  23. Walkcycle workflow

    Thanks a lot for answer. As I found, the best way is anime your parameters on HDA and then save keys as animation groups in graph editor, so you have quick acces. Then use motion effect cycle for all parameters. Thats all then in graph editor you can move your curves in time but with same length because of walk cycle, For example tentacles, or in my case fish tail is exactly what you must do. Cycle could do work to, but in case that you dont move curve often. Because you must set first and last point in expression. WHich is really boring for 20 bones for example. But cycle chop do the job automaticaly. Thanks a lot!!!
  24. flip particles cuts in Hires

    Hello I have little problem with flip fluids. I have some simulation say 0.02 separation, motion is good, but when I add more resolution say 0.008 my particles in cutted. Looks like some resize grid is slower tahan sim, but in low res is all ok. Where could be problem? O found same problem with high speed emitors. Is there some settings which I could use to solve this problem? In the picture, Left is Hi res and Right is low res sim, Right side of Hi res sim is cutted. Emitor has -Z vel direction. . Thanks for ideas.
  25. flip particles cuts in Hires

    Perfect, max cels to extraporate is the key. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!