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  1. Smoke solver

    Hello I was waitng for this moment almost 10 years finaly, now is the right time. I always love, and watching all kinds of volumetric effects and quietly envy beatiful and robust systems not only there on odforce, but have never time and my work goes on different way. In small productions you need learn a lot of things, from modeling, lighting, realistic rendering some rigging ....Fluid simulation is really small peace of complex bussines. But, now a have time to enter into fantastic world of volume fluids. First idea is complete understanding of basic houdini smoke container. So there is my first try. So far some basic settings. Adding vorticles, gas dissipate (which i found is changing little from low-Hi sim with Up-Res setup) and source from changing volume in SOPs by ISO surface. Next step is autoresize, understanding volume velocity for more interesting source and ofcource cusom fields, from particles objects..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhoKQdh9A5s I have a couple of noob fluids questions: 1, Density I need more dense fluid, I found that smoke/guides/density/smokeDensity works good for me, but when I cache sim and import in sops, density was very poor. So visualisation is only for visualisation, it is better to leave it at 1 as is for real numbers, right? But how I can do a very dense smoke? I thought that apply source will help me. I started to rise Emmision Source, which little helps but from some point not. When I add a volume ramp or volume mix for add density to cached files in sops, for better visibility, time for Hi calculatin frame is really big. What is a setup? Is there some microsolver for this things? Or it is all in shader like Basic smoke. Cloud density takes data from volume and you can manage it as you want? 2, Lifespan I look at some cool files there on odforce and found that gasdissipate is the best way to control fluid lifespan. Another sollution is Gas Diffuse for density and velocity but this smooth things out. Fluid details vs Divisions is biggest well known problem. But what if I want smoke without dissipate, like live forever? Cold or poison smoke? Which parameter or microsolver control this? If it is conected with temperature, how a could do very hot smoke live forever? 3, In my test, there is visible, in couple of first frames, really blotchy smoke, but resolution for low res is 5 10 5 and 120 div whitch is much more better resolution then visible boxes on fist frames. Am I missing something? Ok this is all what I have in my mind for now Any explanation will help. Thanks guys.
  2. Fish flocking system

    Hello I creating system for schooling fishes. I choose simple setup with wires and deformable geo. But i have some prolems. I split system onto two peaces. For detailed animation I deform fishes with wires, so they bend like curves with creap, but I cant find way how inside loop add velocity atribute to rippleSOP which simulate speed of fish swiming. I look at the couple of foreachSOP tutorials but cant find right way. Second system is easier. There I only copy fishes on the end of each wire and thats all. But i found problem. dont know why, but if I take my vel, convert it to speed and use this for driving rippleSOP wave speed, when is attribute near zero, fish start swim fast. grrr, I custom visualize my parameter, all is ok. Dont know why ripple see high value. I cant find the mistake. there is simple system. It is vissible when particles stopping, ripples go faster. hip file. flock_odforce.hip
  3. Fish flocking system

    Thats excelent, thanks a lot. Im going to integrate it. Thanks
  4. Hello, how to store previous value? Im creating schooling fish system and I need store and add velocity for each point to control ripple deformer for fish swimming. So I need add value every frame so value still increasing and then Ill connect it to ripple offset. Ripple offset needs increasing value because if I add only velocity which is increase and decrease value, ripple offset go back and fish has bat movement. I have attribute $ACCEL an I trying to add new float wave and expresion $ACCEL+$WAVE so add itself. But id does not work. Or any CHOPSs idea? Thanks a lot.
  5. How to store previous value?

    Guys you are great thanks a lot Ill look at it. Thanks
  6. Time shift Delayed read

    Hello, I have 2 Hi-res PYRO sim which has over 1TB. I need copy them say 6-7 times in scene. But I need to offset it. I try in delayed load path say /volcano_low_03.`$F4+padzero(4,100)`.bgeo.gz but something is wrong. What is the right expression for say offset 100 frames? thanks a lot....BC...
  7. Time shift Delayed read

    yeh thats it thanks a lot
  8. billowy smoke - fast initial velocity - dots!

    Thanks a lot OLD SCHOOL it works.
  9. High Resolution Explosion

    Grrrr I have some work to do so I start rebuliding Bunker`s system now again. I have problem in first stage. I recreate custom vorticles. All works fine, I can see them, visualize velocity, show me nice swirls but smoke does not seem to interact with. Only thing is that whole simulation slows down a lot. Hm, cant find mistake. There is little hip file. This setup is great for adding details and stay in clean smoke solver, but..... odforce.net.hip
  10. Some older works

    Hello I found on disk some older work so I add it on vimeo. Have a nice day.
  11. Some older works

    Heh thanks a lot guys, Titanic takes me something around month, when we waiting for one project. We know that there will be boat, titanic, but cartoon. So I take it from real side. Main shape of trunk with windows is fully procedural so no problem to convert whole shape to carton stile heh.
  12. billowy smoke - fast initial velocity - dots!

    Hello guys I have similar problem. I dont want to increase substeps on AUTODOPNET so I`m trying to find way how to fix it. I have particle system and copy some objects. But fist couple of frames is really fast. I try add timeblend after geometry, try Motion Blur tab under Density Volume SOP (frames to blur 2, Geometry samples 4 for this test) but no good results at all. Any tips? here is my LowRes test: scene file: strips.hip
  13. FLIP fluids and curve field

    Hello I have problem with directing my flip fluids. I want to try push my flip fluids around curve but have some problems here. Particles dissapearing. I use popsolver and create inside source, attractor and drag. I try to simulate things in SOPs, theres no problem. But in dops seem that field is too large but if i decrease it to 0.01 things is even worse. Please could you look at my hip file? Thanks a lot BC. test_flip_on_curve_01.hip
  14. Houdini guy looking for a job

    vi_rus thanks a lot for hip files. And good luck in your new job
  15. Hello I have a problem with rendering sprites. If I assign shader on object level, all is ok. But when I define shader in sub-level, geometry, for override baseColourMap parameter and use texture sequence, seems that mantra ignore it. Looks like Object render parameter "Ignore Geometry Attribute Shaders" is still on. Any idea? Thanks.
  16. Object shader Sprite problem

    Aaa perfect, works great, thanks.
  17. Cloud system

    Hello, there is my cloud system ready for do some serious things
  18. Fish flocking system

    Anybody? I cant still find way how to connect speed in foreach
  19. Houdini guy looking for a job

    Hi vi_rus i love your work, really cool systems. I try to imitate your groving system, but I can`t find way how to group properly random particles for next split and next split. If it will be possile show little hip will be nice. Good luck with job.
  20. H12 PYRO Hi res stops at 250 frame

    Hello I have little problem with PYRO. I simulate say 800 frames of low res pyro, there is all ok, and add Hi-res but after 250 frame smoke stops and stay on place.Miss i something? Thanks a lot.BC.
  21. H12 PYRO Hi res stops at 250 frame

    No idea? I try to change resolution but still same problem. Grrr weird
  22. Cloud system

    There is another test, to see different noises. https://vimeo.com/43808211
  23. Cloud system

    Thanks guys. Render time was around 30 min frame. I use raytracing engine and deepmap shadows 2x2 samples and 1024pix. I render on farms at work so no big deal with this. Yes I use i3d for direction of vectors. Like on CMIvfx fractal and then cvex shader.
  24. H12 PYRO Hi res stops at 250 frame

    Thanks a lot guys. I slightly upgrade graphic card and add ram. Now 16Gb(8Gb before). Save money for new machine build specialy for H12 in near future. But I finnd, that frame stops always on frame where my timeline ends. Say I have 250 but final I set 1000. But maybe there was not connection with this. But there is another problem. Look at the flip. I try Up-res in H12. It create new dop, which I really lie, but there is some mistake. Low res is 0.2 and I only add upres 0.1, thats all. Down is colliding ground so.....Container just jump down. Any idea? Another question, Is there some topics about shading pyro? I love stuff like this junyoung kim says something about displacement on shader based on calculating vector on 3D noise any info about this? Means that I could handle with 0.1 resolution and add extra details with shader? Thanks a lot guys.
  25. Noodles from outer space

    Nice, like it.