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  1. Logo Animation

    Sweet, nice job....
  2. Missile_attack(H12&pyro2.0)

    Very nice shot, good work.
  3. simulation of destruction

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaa One of the best
  4. Gradiental scatter

    Hello I have little question, how I could scatter gradientaly points, let say by colour, so I could blur colour parameter and points scatter by colour density. Have same number of points but faces which has more colour has procentualy more points. It is possible achieve this? Thanks a lot.
  5. Gradiental scatter

    Aaa perfect, thanks a lot
  6. High Resolution Explosion

    Ok, I rebuild system again, there is all H12 except smoke solver and resize. I add H12 source and try to constant emit smoke , Low-res results. In the end smoke is too gentle, i need work on it more, need pyroclastic all the time Try some pyro H12 sim over week, we will see what i can do.
  7. High Resolution Explosion

    Thanks for reply bunker I steal your vorticles (cool stuff by the way)and insert it into H12 setup, but does not work. So I take your scene which works in H12 and only replace smoke solver for H12 smoke and seems there is problem. I set all smoke parameters but Im where I was with my completely rebuilded H12 setup. Now I dont know what to do, because new smoke solver is optimalized and have one new imput pre-solve (which is not in use), please bunker, could you look at it? Just open your scene in H12 delete smoke solver and change it for H12 smoke solver. It seem that this is really cool setup for large pyroslastic smoke with simple fields. Thanks a lot BC.
  8. High Resolution Explosion

    Hello first of all, thanks for all great ideas here. A try to replicate this setup for H12 from scratch. Seems like all is connected right but a can't achive details like bunker. Please could anybody look at hip file where could be a problem? When I open bunker's scene in H12 some error missing attributes, but thats ok. Works exelent. But there is some changes in smoke solver in H12 so I want to replicate it and of course try to understant what's under the hood. I need really big scale pyroclastic smoke and want to not use pyro solver, just save some time with smoke solver. Thanks a lot. BC. Where I'm so far. hip: smoke_solver_06_help.hip
  9. Hello guys I starting to prepare upgrade my reef system and do some previz in Houdini ofcourse . I found little problem here, If I add 3 arealights (blue, warm white, blue) into the aquarium cover, bouncing light on glass create a lot of noise. I try to add samples but not big change. Settigs Houdini 11 Manra PBR: Samples 6x6 Ray 1.9 Noise level 0.01 Diff limit 1 Color Limit 4 I use default glass shader. Which parameter is connected with this noise? I could render with samples 4x4 5x5, noise on white areas is ok. But this glass noise cant smooth. Thanks a lot. B.C.
  10. Light inside Glass PBR noise

    Thanks a lot Dennis, good tips Ill definitely try this.
  11. Light inside Glass PBR noise

    Ouch, that will be painful. No other solution? Thanks a lot Erik.
  12. FLIP fluids and curve field

    Perfect thanks a lot, both works well. Im little bit comfused from VOPpop as volumetric field but need some time to understend. Thanks a lot Eetu, works great too. i have some qausetions which I discover with FLIP fluids 1, If I change particle separation for final resolution, all fields has different impact on liquid, they are, much stronger. I read in help that I must use Ignore Mass. But gravity, custom fields doesnt have this checkbox. How do you solve this problem? 2, I simulate groving chocolate like groving stalk of grass and in bigger curvature of stalk, chocolate create little splash. It is simulation about only say 10000 particles I use noise in source for detail in the begining of simulation. It is pretty fast until splashes after few frames goes far from source, sim really slow down. Particle number is still same no fields (only grav ofcourse)but as far they are, simulation in slower and slower. I try some different test, just little splash on the floor, simulation pretty fast, say 100 000 part if i add for 5 frames animated magnet force which drag liquid form center and push it little up, same thing, when particle create splash and become far from surface, simulation terribly slow. Why? Is this limitation of FLIP fluids? Number of points is still same only area where particles are is say 2x bigger. Thanks a lot.BC.
  13. Two fluids different densities. H12

    Hello just group your surfaces and in SOP use it for proper surfacing with two particlefluidsurface..
  14. Houdini viscosity FLIP stick on object

    Thanks for repply Christian, Im not very familiar with dops, is there on odfroce some hip which I could explore? Thanks a lot BC
  15. Hello I found problem with projecting light textures. A ineed caustic for underwater scene. I try directly to COP then I try save sequence to disk, but in render and in viewport, texture does not move.Use H11. Any idea? Thanks a lot. B.C.
  16. Normal problem VOP/VEX

    Hello Im trying to have full control fot normals and Up vectors of curves. I use polyframe for Tangent U and V. But how I could change this normals later for better driving_ I need parameters like sweep has. Roll and Twist. Any idea? There is little file. Thanks a lot.
  17. Normal problem VOP/VEX

    Perfect guys Ill look at it, that will solve my problem. Thanks a lot.
  18. Smoke solver

    Another tests, waterfall
  19. Smoke solver

    Ok so, there is a problem which I have now. i use particles converted "v" with volumefromattrib into volume and use it in RBD. There is sopvectorfield and Gas field VOP. There is my setup. vimeo: Thanks for help and great example files there on odforce, really cool stuff.
  20. Smoke solver

    3, just one simulation (should be much much detailed for simulating time that take, but still learning) and 7 instances. 4, 18 instances of same simulation. Im pretty happy with render times. In some frames it is visible flickering from lights but I use only 1024 depth matp with 2 samp. Render time 720p is 4 min frame. Pretty cool. I search there on odforce and SIDEfx forum but I found that it is impossible retime simulation per instance point. I try time shift with parameter for offset set on object level and there use pointinstance() but that does not work )-: I want translate for farms only one simulation with random instance retimes but as I found, it is impossible
  21. Smoke solver

    Ok so there is some tests I did with smoke solver. 1,simple RBD with static smoke, no temperature. Coins have temperature 15. 2, animate velocity and fast gas dissipate
  22. Smoke solver

    hello guys I have little problem with custom velocity field. It is mainly customized file build from scratch from BUNKERs tornado scene.I use particles to create custom field which I mixing in DOPs in gas custom Vop, but when my particles die on frame 30, simulation stops. Looks like all velocity dissapear and container set size to zero. Ill send you file later, there is flip. Any idea without file? thanks a lot....BC....
  23. Fur and Occlusion

    Hello I have some question about rendering fur with occlusion. Is there some quisk sollution? PBR...forever, Light template + vex global, even with 20 samples looong time. I found that best results is OCC and Spot Depth map for direct light. Pixar baking occ to map, weta create some kind of volumetric grid, there bake and then reatach to characetr (have no more info), so what is the best and quck setup in houdini?
  24. Fur and Occlusion

    Any Idea? How to render fast OCCLUSION fur with Mantra? Or How I could render just ambient light, couple of depthmap spots dont do good work a lot of tweaking for every shot.
  25. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    Hello I have little problem with driven falling of stalactites. I cant get coloured peaces into RBD group. Ofcourse use deforming geometry is on, and I can see colouring. But dont know why... There is a little scene, if there is somebody who could look at it, it will be great. Have a nice day. KRAPNIK_SYSTEM_HELP_01.hip