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  1. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    And there is scene. driven_RBD_stalactites.hip
  2. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    So there is final, As you can see, when all falling some tip stalactites stay in the air, but for my purpose it is ok, its for second plane system so no problem. But couple of thongs could be done here. 1, Searching for groups of whole stalactites, if some peaces gets hit Upper add to group 2, Find system which dont have to use deforming geo, with large amount of peaces will be time consuming. 3-4 groups which will be animated maybe. Thanks guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNHunyjJ-to
  3. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    Ryan thanks a lot, system implemented, works great. Sorry heh I was close thanks a lot for help. System works. But I found there little problem. As you could saw, I need one sphere (object ) which is still deleted for colour transfering. If there is not, colour fliping when first stalagmite is selected. So i reather implemented coloured system with helps of LOOP (dont understand it much but works) which I stole there on forum. But thanks for sollution.....BC....
  4. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    Thanks a lot Ryan, helps me a lot. Something new learned
  5. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    Ok i have another problem. I have couple of stalagmites (grow from bottom), prefractured. Bottom peaces set as static and i need start falling dynamic peaces after something hit any. So group has dopnumrecords(".", $OBJID, "Impacts", "Impacts")>1 and then add to gravity, but it doesnt work. Please could you look at this little file? Another question is. This system will probably enought for my purpose, but there is some problem. If it is happen, that middle peace of stalagmite get hit, fly away but top peace stay in the airf until something hits him. So is there some siple way which I could grouping geo based per stalagmite and if some peace gets hit,go to group gravity but with all peace of this specific stalagmite. (better option to check only top objects, its nice if there is collision but some stalagmites could stay broken only in half, more natural) Thanks a lot. B.C. KRAPNIK_SYSTEM_HELP_02_group_by_impact_Gravity.hip
  6. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    Thanks a lot Ryan, helps me a lot. It causes delete node when I grouping selected objects. Your test works good, but this is simple scene, final will be much much bigger and it is imposible to refracture things every frame, still thanks a lot. Im putting all together over weekend and we will see. Have a nice week.
  7. Problem with grouping $OBJID by colour

    Hups, I can see that my question doesn`t make sence. Ok, I have prefractured objects which I coloring by object which moves in time. In DOPs I need connect colour attribute to group for gravity (the easiest setup ) to start falling choosen objects. I found some scenes there on odforce but this thing stopped me. Sorry for bat explanation, too much work Have a nice day B.C.
  8. glowy wire shader

    Yes, your right, it is particle system which you must delete if you want only line with parameters. Good luck.
  9. Constant PBR

    Hello I have a question obaout mantra PBR and constant shader. Why illuminate scene? Where I could turn it off? When I choose mantra surface and need say ramp for soft reflection, when i map texture and opacity, opacity working but alfa not. Where is problem? Thanks ...BC...
  10. Search objects?

    Hello, little question, has houdini some search engine, in tree view or somewhere. Say i have imported scene, lot of objects lot of different groups, and have 3 materials. I know that some group objects start wirh say bridge_box_$F can i select not manualy this objects? Maya has something like this if I remember, very useful. Will help me a lot with material assingment. Another question. Is there hide selected, unhide last, or some objects isolate for wievport, but the are not hide. Groups are good but they works different at each level. Thanks BC.
  11. Search objects?

    Perfect, thanks a lot guys. Very useful. I have another little question abou Hou interface. I import fbx model and want to select some objects and add say facetSOP to each individualy. I dont want to merge it all together. I found in create in context Keep original objects, which will create new object and use object merge and leave all geo as it is but I dont need this. For each object is create individualy FacetSOT. It is possible? Why I cant in Tree View select multiple objects and sort groups as I want, like in Maya Outliner? Is there some possibility? Thanks a lot. Bc.
  12. PBR GLASS Black areas

    Hello, I dont understant this effect. If I render in PBR, and have a closed object, when is touching another or intersect with, glass object has black colour. Refl Refr limit is 10 Diff 2 . Where is problem? I found this, when I render wine glass and I have black area between glass and ground. There is little scene. Ofcourse final is when drops intersects in half of their valume, and I need good water effect. Thanks a lot. B.C. kapky_help.hip

    Hello I have some long time consuming projects so I still use H10, but new projects I started to integrate into H11 (heh soon, when H12 is behind the door ) I love my settup in H10 with light template, vex global ilumination with some map and area lights for add details. But in H11 something changes and I realize to start learning PBR. There is little project from last night. 5hr modeling + render settings and tests. Final results from 40-2h render. Close shots takes more ofcourse. DOF, a lot of glossy materials, enw light and objects light. Im really happy with the results but my Boss will not with these render times so what about some render chalenge to speed up a render time and little bit denoise dof areas? Ill post scene later. There is picts. Settings: PBR 720p white point 0.9 Pixel samples 10x10 min ray: 1 max ray: 9 noise level 0.01 refl limit:2 refr limit:2 diff limit:2 color space gamma 2.2 color limit 4 These settings I found somewhere on the forum and little change for my purpose.
  14. PBR GLASS Black areas

    One little question, If I want to use custom whiteboards for reflections, A set constant material say color mult by 3, scene rendered with PBR is more lit. I remember that in Maya, mental ray, there is on/off use with irradiance. I cant find any of this settings im mantra. Ofcourse objects has unlinked from lights and shadows. Thanks
  15. PBR GLASS Black areas

    Thats perfect, thanks a lot guys.
  16. Awaken - Masters Project. A VFX Piece.

    Good to see whole project in houdini, nice job.

    guys thanks a lot for your time. Ill try your volumetric setup, thanks. for lence flare a saw some cool tutorials on nuke and saphire plugins, I thong that it will be may way. Iwill try do a 3d like effect.houdini hasnt some post cop lensflare,right? I would like to do whole project in houdini. thanks.
  18. Search objects?

    Thanks a lot, but ctrl+f works only in one level. I cant select all objects with this name in different levels, but I have a lot of levels(groups) from fbx. Any idea?

    Thanks a lot Erik. Ok Ill try 7x7 and diffuse 1 and will play with noise level. Sampling quality is 1 on all lights. I have couple of question. 1, glass, I want glass shield on the front of model. But. I dont want refractions, I need only transparency with freshnel for fake, and reflection thats all. But glass shader, or mantra surface with refraction off and transparenci 0.2 forexample, still has full alpha,like full refractive glass,bad for compositing. Must I write my own material or is there some quick solution. Or add reflection forexample to RAMP material, there is frshnel build. 2, Ill add some lights on the doors, and want some volumetric. Ill do it in post I thing, but which technique i could use? What do you use. I experminet long time ago with spotlight with some mantra volumetric shader. And then composite, But I remember render times was big. Some solution? ref: 3, Lensflare. All post? I want of course do everything in houdini. Just do a little star geo and then blur in post or what ever? Which technique do you use. Im not composer, so sorry for a stupid questions. ref: all must be ready for animation ofcourse. Thanks a lot guys.
  20. H11 mantra OCC

    Hello I have a problem with mantra in H11. It seems to me that PBR is really slow. I have this object, but I cant go under 15-20 min per frame in 720p. I need only OCC. When in PBR try to increasing pixel samles around 9 and key is in Min ray samples, with Ray Variance Antialiasing off, say 50, but more are velcome, render times is huge. I try to render this object with mental ray OCC and time is 1 min. grrrr. Please could you somebody tell me who is familiar with mantra 11, how to efficiently set up this scene? Thanks a lot. BC. scene tomas.hip
  21. H11 mantra OCC

    Jupiiii yes, thats it, thanks a lot guys. So Max ray distance and shadows off is the key. Add little bit sampling quality on skylight and time go up but half hour is far far away heh no problem with that. Ok so, what about PBR on same scene. Thanks a lot guys.
  22. H11 mantra OCC

    heh cool, that sound good, I have same computer. I7 8gb I rendered on 14 core machines at work, and times was horrible. Please could you send me a setup of your matra settings please? thanks a lot.
  23. H11 mantra OCC

    Hello, OCC means ambient occlusion. Could you please send me a scene? thanks a lot.
  24. Houdini 12 Sneak Peek

    I was prayng in my dreams for bullet and GPU support. My XSI friend send me a link for H12 sneak peak this morning, and there is it, all together. No more jokes from XSI Ice Momentum Arnold users. I cant wait for this release, YOU GUYS ROCKS!!!!!!! I had to drung some Captain Morgans for celebrate this great day hehe
  25. Rock Hard

    Hello Macha, I cant send you PM because theres some problem. So I thing that Ill be speak for lot of people here on this forum, please, could you post some scene of some stone (could be little bit complicated to see you different modeling techniques). I started to learning PBR and I would love to see your setup, your materials, lighting and render times for good quality. Thanks a lot.