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  1. Nicely done guys ! Great stuff in there
  2. I had the same problem as you. It was just a bug. Reported to SESI.... should be fixed in today's build.
  3. Introducing La Main des Ma

    Hey, thank you (again) guys !
  4. Introducing La Main des Ma

    Many thanks for all your comments ! And big thank you to SESI team for this : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...5&Itemid=68
  5. FMX 09

    I will be there too, 5-8, all day
  6. Introducing La Main des Ma

    Oki doki. Just a few seconds and check your messages Edit : It should be okay...
  7. Introducing La Main des Ma

    Thank you all for your comments! @michael > Today there is no any quicktime or full HD version. As we are still in a festival progress, I prefer to share a flash version, and keep the best one for the festival. But maybe you're not able to watch the flash version ? Tell me what.
  8. Introducing La Main des Ma

    Hop, As I do not have yet any video making-off of the short, just a few screens to show you the type of effects done with Houdini. Pop simulation + Particlefluidsurface, rendered with Mantra Pop simulation + Metaballs, rendered with Mantra As you can see, the goal was not to do a complex simulation, but a working one. After, it's more a compositing work and trying to obtain something 2D. It is my first short like this but the 2D/3D mix was something very interesting to do
  9. Introducing La Main des Ma

    Thank you so much everybody for your comments! I do not yet have any reel with breakdown of the short... I know, I know, shame on me... I'm going to take some pictures of the stuff done with houdini to show you that. Be right back
  10. Hello there ! I'm not sure to post in the right category... hope it will be ok. Well, I was at Georges Melies School in France, and I co-directed a student short film with two friends of mine. I used Houdini Apprentice HD for most of the VFX (smoke, blood, rigid bodies...) and the other stuff was done with Maya, Photoshop and After Effects. Some stills : [ Credits ] * Directors : Cl