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  1. I guess all components of rotation matrix should be 1 unit long
  2. Procedural Pen Writing up Effect

    you can use "Lab Straight Skeleton 2d" for font to line
  3. RBDs floating on FLIP-Fluid issue

    Or you can increase the Feedback Scale
  4. Remove the gasprojectnondivergent1 node in its installation. Set strength to 300 in gasdisturb1. Set the block size to 0.5.
  5. I think there is an error in the definition of matrix. USE THIS: 3@transform = set( {0.848744,0.421838,-0.318882},{-0.350787,-0.00210714,-0.936453},{-0.395704,0.906669,0.1461872} ) ;
  6. maybe you need to add a normal sop before output node
  7. How do I animate radscale?

    write a expression like fit(noise($T,$T+1,$T+2),0,1,1,1.5)
  8. Particle Morph on animated geometry

    another solution without use solver. I use only vex morph_without_solver.hipnc