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  1. //i@attr =1 for selected points int primpoints[] = primpoints(0,@primnum); int min = min(primpoints); int selPoint[] = findattribval(0,"point", "attr", 1); foreach (int sel;selPoint) { foreach (int pt;primpoints) { if (find(primpoints,sel)>=0 && pt<sel && pt>=min) { removepoint(0,pt,0); } } }
  2. maybe this video can give an idea
  3. In the "texture coordinates" section of Polyextrude, you should set the style to Unit Square.
  4. Adding uv before extruding, you can ramp according to v@uv.x results.
  5. 1- The constraint (center_constraint) produced by rbdMetarialFructure is not introduced to the solver. 2- The constaint created between active and passive sections is not named. Also, no settings have been made.
  6. You can also do it by typing this code in vellum solver
  7. for perfect reflection you can write code like this and iterate
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