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  1. Pyro and particles size

    Hello, Do you have an idea for pyro? the flames are thick, comparing to the positioning of the particles, they have the same size as the rasterize, but if I reduce the particles size, I have no more flame, even by increasing the fuel and the temperature, how to do to have the flame closer to the size of the emission of particles?
  2. bbox

    Hello, I tried to get the container size from an other geo... I have an issue. Can you guys help me?
  3. Agent mesh modification

    Hello, How can I modify the mesh (or skin) of my agent, I did some modification but I don't know how to integrate them...to the agent setup. https://i.gyazo.com/a2b5ef75d58494087bb1ae142ff7a941.png Thank you for your help. Séba