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  1. Render a simulation

    Thank you !
  2. Render a simulation

    HI Haggi , Thanks ! That works, If I click in render I have the render now and I guess for changing color of the simulation and for a better resolution I should play in Mantra, isn t It ? Thanks a llot !
  3. Render a simulation

    HI Haggi ! Sure ! It s because I downloaded your file and you already clicked on Allow Editing of contents but If I go to my previous file I can definitely see it ! I am trying to understand this now : Then dive into the network and set the display/render flag to the "GUIDE" null sop, so basically I am using the file you attached and I am inside the fluidsource and I can see the DISPLAY but now don t know how to run the render , However you should have a prize for the patience , thanks a lot again for your time
  4. Render a simulation

    HI Haggi, thanks a lot but I cannot see "Allow editing of contents" and when I dive into the network I m confused , I have no hope, sorry for taking so long time =(
  5. Render a simulation

    HI Haggi, I tried to follow the tutorials and work ok but the problem is that I won t have the same geometry =( , So I have a new trails but not the actual simulation, I attached here 2 screeshhots to show you better what I mean, I really tried everything, fluid_.hipnc
  6. Render a simulation

    Thank you ! I’m trying to find a tutorial that can help to show step by step , please if you know a good tutorial for this let me know as even if you explained I understand what you mean but I want to see once how to do it in Houdini , thanks a lot !
  7. Render a simulation

    Hi Haggi , Yes correct , I want to render the lower image but when I render I have the first image ..
  8. Render a simulation

    HI All, Sorry for my question as It can be very easy for someone that knows how to use Houdini but I am a beginner and I cannot find a solution.. I am just trying to render a flow simulation but instead to render the flow simulation It renders a grey object , I suppose It s the initial geometry... How to hide It in the render ? I have attached here 2 screenshots to show you better what I mean annd hope you can help, Thanks a lot !
  9. Hi Everybody, This is my first post here and I am a beginner user in Houdini.. I m trying to Install Qlib inside Houdini but even If I followed some tutorials that I found on internet looks like nothing is working.. I hope you can help to understand where is the wrong step I make during the installation, that s why I took some screenshots of the steps, in order to be super clear , Thank you !