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  1. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me understand why my geometry looks like this after fracturing, it has some weird anti-aliasing(?) geo issues on the glass texture after using material fracture. Have an image here of before fracture and then after fracture. If anyone can help me understand why this is happening, would be really grateful as i've bee unable to solve this for hours. thanks Before fracture After fracture
  2. Hi I'm fairly new to Houdini, hoping someone can help me understand how to do this. Basically I want to rotate the triangles with a noise in an attribute VOP, however nothing I have tried works and I have a feeling it's because rotation may only work on point normals? (Still pretty confused) I tried using the primitive node to rotate but would ideally like to be able to control random rotation in VOPS Any help would be really appreciated, it's been quite frustrating to figure this out Thanks rotatetriangles.hip
  3. Hi all I have been working in my project for a few days now but i have just noticed that all new geometry i add, are missing uvs (even if they are new ones) - I am also getting the orange error at the bottom and I have no idea how to fix this? When I open a brand new object everything works fine when i chuck a uv quick shade on but i'd like to be able to understand why it's happening in my current project.
  4. Animating/Keyframing RBD Constraints

    Hi all, I am currently learning the rbd bullet solver for class and playing with the settings more, I have broken up some geo with the rbd material fracture. I was wondering how I can animate the stiffness of constraints on rbd constraint node (or the rbd solver node) so that the geo starts to fall apart and then come back together as it doesn't seem to allow me to keyframe values. I also noticed there is a stiffness parameter in the rbd constraints node as well as the rbd solver. Is there much difference for these?