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  1. Was simple as f*** i was just lazy. i ve just replace children() → tuple of hou.Node Return a list of nodes that are children of this node. by allSubChildren(top_down=True, recurse_in_locked_nodes=True) → tuple of hou.Node Recursively return all sub children of this node. For example, hou.node("/").allSubChildren() will return all the nodes in the hip file. Working like a charm in the test scene. Have to test it in a massive scene now. Thanks again .
  2. Fantastic job Alain you nailed it thanks for your help. Just a little thing who's off for my context. Using your example : If you create more geo node inside the targeted subnet inside other subnet inside others subnet etc....it doesn t work. Only the first level childrens are taking into account. Any idea how to tweak the first lines to get all the geo node at any level in the tree hierarchy (with subnets who have differents children depth) ? Still a fantastic and super clear piece of code right now thanks again.
  3. How could i add a sop to every geometry node inside a subnet with a complex hierarchy (multiple subnet inside subnet inside subnet etc...talking about non repeating pattern ) Merging everything inside a single geometry to cook my modification is not an option here as i really need to keep my hierarchy paths intact for multiple software workflow and rendering purpose. Scripting looks like the way to go but i m not comfortable enough with it. Any idea how to tackle this specific problem ? Hscript ? Python ? In others words : /// For each geometry node inside a subnet. Add a specific Sop inside geometry nodes. Connect this new sop to the last existing sop . Set the display flag to this new node. Joy. // Thanks for your help.
  4. what do you eat to be a vfxtd?

    Beer, wine and whiskey...but only high quality. No idea about the long term effect but working like a charm for me. NO MIXED DRINKS !!!!! NO ICE CUBE !!! Important : you have to smoke a lot too. Ambient, IDM music and a noise canceling headphone helps too. reminds me Winston Churchill quote : « cigars, whisky and no sport »
  5. Thin/Wispy Smoke Rendering Pixelated

    In your mantra ROP. Change your rendering engine to Micropolygon rendering and cranck up PixelSample if needed.
  6. How to create a group based on name?

    The partition node is what you are looking for. You can feed the rule parameter with something like grp_`@name`
  7. Thanks this is a very clever way to do this. Working on some real life anamorphosis. Both solution are just awsome to takle this kind of subject. The skybar solution is perfect for turning a 2d graphic into a puzzle who forms the given 2d shape in a certain angle of view. Your solution is perfect to make the same effect but with a striped 3d object. With both solution you can hide an anamophis into an another anamorphis to make some kind of double illusion using paper or thin material supported by ropes. Thanks you guys.
  8. One more thing who's someway related. Do you have any idea how to match some points in screen space according to another one. I'm pretty sure this a very similar problem but i can't figure it out myself. The idea is to move green/yellow points in XY to match the blue\cyan according to a perpective camera. As a result primites should became invisible with camera projection or perfectly align. hip file attached. Thank you for your precious help. MatchingxzfromScreenSpace.hip
  9. Thanks a lost Skybar, this is a perfect and elegant solution.
  10. Hello, I'm trying to make an effect but i'm stuck right now. Basicly i'm trying to make some point transformation in the z axis but i want to keep the same visual result with a given perpective camera. As an example. Let's say a grid made of points. When i'm moving randomly points on the z axis i want the same visual result looking throught the camera . Any idea ?
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