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    Hi, Since almost 2 years, i 'm making some looping GIF using mostly Houdini and octane under the Spyrogif alias. Most of this works are made during various productions to test some Houdini features or while waiting during simulation time. :-) Now i've got a number of those, I thought it might interest you. These tests cover a number of differents technicals approaches and workflows from simple keyframe animation and modelling to fully procedural stuffs. The only thing in common in all these tests is that almost all are using modulo expressions with time blending to get perfects cycles. All these GIF are using a houdini>octanerender via alembic export. The main reason to that is only the fact i like to tweak my render at home and to not overload various postproduction compagnies renderfarm with silly and weird tests. :-) If you want to keep track on this "project" feel free to subscribe to my tumblr. http://spyrogif.tumblr.com/ Edit : You can now follow this on Facebook too. https://www.facebook.com/spyrogif/ Hope you like it. Ps : i'm feeling always guilty to not participate in this forums more. It's a real gold mine and a awsome community (odforce and sidefx forum). Thanks you to everybody, you are awsome. I know that i can always count on you when i struggle with a problem. Thanks for that. Some of them.. More at Spyrogif
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  6. ÖBST

    excellent !
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  9. Free sound design for your animation

    Kinda super old but a great sample source. From worst to the best. Excellent tags and search sytem. https://freesound.org/
  10. You need to promote parameters you want to animate in this context.
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    Thanks Magneto. Kinda hard to give you a correct awser. Process, workflow and idea processing are always differents for each one. Anyway you 're kinda right most of the time i think to seamless looping in a very early stage but it's not always the case. But i don't have any general planification or something. Most of the time i'm messing into Houdini and a idea pops when i'm working on a complete different subject. For the last serie, the steel marbles one : At the very beginning i was asking myself how to make an efficient asset in order to create things like construction game, rollercoaster, tracks, pipe etc. My goal was to have something you just CTRL+C CTRL+V with a type selector parameter, an orientation parameter and some auto snapping features. The idea was to have an asset who will be efficient enough to be faster than doing it in real life with a contruction game, electric toy car track etc... After all this background work it took me something like 1 hour to create this 2 lanes track from a blank scene. The looping was not so much a problem in this scenario. Only 2 marbles are simulated. One for the Yellow lane, one for the blue lane. i've simulated 6000 frames (very close to real time). Then i just copystamp a point representation with a stamped time sop to loop this. At the end i just have a 6 frame endless motion setup where i can freely put any camera.
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  15. Choosing between Coat & ZBrush ?

    Really hard to tell. Both are 2 great polished software now. If anybody ask me the same question i will say try both. But if an Houdini User ask me the same thing i will say 3d coat. Because i a very versatile tool for many other tasks who can be hard on houdini. I use it a lot for fast organic uving, PBR texturing, scan cleaning, retopology, texture baking.... If you concern is more about finding a shit load of brush and others ressources on the net to concentrate yourself on pure sculpting and the artistic aspect go for zbrush : only because the community is way bigger than 3dcoat.
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  21. Fish Bait Ball Question

    To get a a nice compact shape : you have to increase a lot the pop steer cohesion weight.
  22. Fish Bait Ball Question

    The crowd system is perfect for this. It's mostly based on Craig Reynolds algorithm. I highly recommand to make some quick research about it to get the main idea. Basicly you can reproduce this effects with just couple of node. Using the crowd shell. Bake your fish animation as a agent> Spawn some agents>Simulate the thing. Into Dop play with steer node. The first you need to look at for this effect is the steer cohesion.
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    Photoshop...but the key is too make something with a minimal frame count with a mimimal pixel difference between frame. As a example if you compress an animation with a very subtle grain it will be a much larger file for same quality than a noisyless frame.
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