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  1. You can enable checkpoints to only create a .sim file every 'n' frames, it also allows you to specify how many in a row you'd like to save -- I've had varied success with this.
  2. Houdini 17.5.229 download

    You need to use an ftp client to access like cyber duck. You can click the link on this side fx page and it should open directly in your ftp client (on windows). This should allow you to access all builds way back to like houdini 5 or something. @Noobini maybe they need it for a render engine that their license expired for or a specific project is still working with that version.
  3. Select / Delete inside Primitives

    Try taking a look at this entagma tutorial from 15:40-20:00 -- He uses a vdb's sdf value to move points from inside the mesh to the surface -- you could probably modify this approach to fit your needs.
  4. Hi all, First post, looking forward to engaging more. I'm trying to get an effect with vellum similar to a snake digesting a large meal -- (like egg-eating snakes). Essentially just want to get the mesh to shrink over an object, but need control over the deformation and would eventually animate the object 'moving through the digestive system'. I've tried shrinking the vellum object (swallower) and scaling the interior object but with both ways the mesh not colliding with the object deforms way too much. Anyone have any ideas or quick tips on how to achieve this? Getting a basic shrinkwrap effect is simple, but this one is giving me trouble.