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  1. my guess would be adding the values from each iteration to an array and read out the last element from that each iteration, or you could just create a second attrib that you set at the end of each iteration, so in the next you can read it out.
  2. 'Dart throwing' algorithm

    Hey, @konstantin magnus i got inspired by your approach and tried to build my own, got about 400-500k Points in about 30-40secs cooktime. and thanks to @anim for the pcfind_radius approach, thats super fast. dt_demo.mp4
  3. Same value in an attribute.

    I'm not quite sure if I understand your question right but, you can drop down an "attribute create" node and create a new attribute for other points with a new name. or you can create a "attribute randomize" to give your points random attributes. Points can have multiple attributes with multiple values.