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  1. Detect input to hide parameter

    Simple but effective ! Thank you for your help !
  2. Hi ! I'm making a digital asset where I want a parameter to disable itself if the opinput 1 is wired to something (just like the Box SOP that disable the size parameter when connected to a geometry). Do you know a way to do so ? NB: I saw that there was already a topic about it, but it is very old and a lot of fields they're talking about doesn't exist anymore. Thanks for your replies !
  3. Set arrays of attribute values

    Thank you both for you answers it helped a lot !
  4. Set arrays of attribute values

    Hi everyone ! I'm struggling with a little problem. What I have, is a point cloud with an attribute integer "clumpid" (visualized just below). What I want to do, is, for each of the @clumpid values (@clumpid values are from 0 to 5) create an array containing all the points that have the same @clumpid values. For example, for the points that have the @clumpid value at 3, I want to have an array called for instance " i[]@array_3" containing all the points that have the @clumpid value at 3. If possible, I don't want to use the "foreach loop" SOPs. I tried a few things but the closest solution I have is this one: But unfortunately, all the arrays are empty.. Thank you in advance for your replies !!
  5. Hi everyone ! I was wondering if it was possible, on a geometry deformed (by a point deform SOP) to simulate only parts of the geometry that were masked with vellum ? (if needed, I uploaded a scene with the mask I want to simulate). Thanks a lot for the answers ! Vellum_on_mask.hipnc
  6. Displace points along normal in VEX

    Oh my bad I tried it once again and it works ! I may have made a mistake the first time ! thank you very much !
  7. Displace points along normal in VEX

    Hi, I already tried it but the result is even worse.
  8. Displace points along normal in VEX

    Hello everyone ! I want some points to be displaced along their N, for various reasons it needs to be in VEX. But some points doesn't react as they should. I tried the same workflow in VOP and it works perfectly (but once again, I need to do it in VEX ^^"). Do you have any idea where there can be a problem ? (I put the hipfile for a better understanding !) Disp along normal VEX.hipnc