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  1. Hi everyone ! I made an example .hip file below if you need ! I have a vellum patch and I want to drape it. I can select the groups in the old fashion way by selecting the needed groups one by one in the Vellum Drape node. But when it goes to very large pieces of vellum, it can be very laborious. My question is: Is there a way to select to tell the Vellum Drape, "select all the groups between backPatch_seam0 group to backPatch_seam2" ? I can share what I found until now though ! We can write this in the Vellum Drape node: "backPatch_seam[012]" and it selects the groups with the indicated suffixes between "[]". But as you can imagine, it doesn't work if the seams you want to select are numbers like 13 ; 78 ; etc... because this expression understand only the digits in these numbers (13 becomes 1 & 3 ; 78 becomes 7 & 8). Is there a better method to accomplish that ? Here is a .hip file if you want to try: Select A range of groups.hip
  2. Ooooooh okay I understand thank you for your reply it works perfectly !
  3. Get an array of closests primitives from a point

    Haha thank you two for your answers !
  4. Hi ! I'm currently struggling on breaking constraints. I want my constraints to break if their length is higher than a given threshold. These constraints has to be soft constraints and I have to keep them animated (it's for my work). I tried to break them in the SOP Solver connected to the constraintNetwork, but for a reason it doesn't work at all. I've created hip file to show the problem more clearly. If you dive into the SOP Solver node you'll see that, long constraints get detected, but it doesn't affect the simulation. Break_Animated_Cst.hipnc
  5. Hi ! Just like in the title, I need to find all the nearests primitives from a point and put them into an array ! I tried with the "xyzdist" fuction and other techniques but still doesn't work :"/ Do you guys have an idea on how to solve this ? Thank you all !
  6. Detect input to hide parameter

    Simple but effective ! Thank you for your help !
  7. Hi ! I'm making a digital asset where I want a parameter to disable itself if the opinput 1 is wired to something (just like the Box SOP that disable the size parameter when connected to a geometry). Do you know a way to do so ? NB: I saw that there was already a topic about it, but it is very old and a lot of fields they're talking about doesn't exist anymore. Thanks for your replies !
  8. Set arrays of attribute values

    Thank you both for you answers it helped a lot !
  9. Set arrays of attribute values

    Hi everyone ! I'm struggling with a little problem. What I have, is a point cloud with an attribute integer "clumpid" (visualized just below). What I want to do, is, for each of the @clumpid values (@clumpid values are from 0 to 5) create an array containing all the points that have the same @clumpid values. For example, for the points that have the @clumpid value at 3, I want to have an array called for instance " i[]@array_3" containing all the points that have the @clumpid value at 3. If possible, I don't want to use the "foreach loop" SOPs. I tried a few things but the closest solution I have is this one: But unfortunately, all the arrays are empty.. Thank you in advance for your replies !!
  10. Hi everyone ! I was wondering if it was possible, on a geometry deformed (by a point deform SOP) to simulate only parts of the geometry that were masked with vellum ? (if needed, I uploaded a scene with the mask I want to simulate). Thanks a lot for the answers ! Vellum_on_mask.hipnc
  11. Displace points along normal in VEX

    Oh my bad I tried it once again and it works ! I may have made a mistake the first time ! thank you very much !
  12. Displace points along normal in VEX

    Hi, I already tried it but the result is even worse.
  13. Displace points along normal in VEX

    Hello everyone ! I want some points to be displaced along their N, for various reasons it needs to be in VEX. But some points doesn't react as they should. I tried the same workflow in VOP and it works perfectly (but once again, I need to do it in VEX ^^"). Do you have any idea where there can be a problem ? (I put the hipfile for a better understanding !) Disp along normal VEX.hipnc